Catching up on a Lazy Sunday...

What's up?? Nothing too exciting going on here. Working, shopping, reading...same old, same old.

Work: I have about 3 weeks left to find out what is happening with my work. In either case I will be leaving it, ideally sometime before Christmas...or sooner. When I depart I expect to do it with the same degree of flair as Ser Barristan Selmy....

Shopping: Good stuff yesterday. I always enjoy traveling up to Yorkdale for shopping. Yorkdale is like the Eaton Centre only less frustrating. They tend to have more of my size there as well. Yesterday I didn't really find too much but I enjoyed the walking nonetheless. I need to go back to Aritzia (in the Eaton Centre) to see what they have. The clothes in that store in Yorkdale were great but no MIRROR in the dressing room. I hate that. Plus the lighting by the 'common' mirror was terrible so I really didn't get a good look at the stuff I tried on. Hopefully Eaton Centre's Aritzia is more shopper friendly.

Reading: Or should I say 'rereading' of the ASOIAF novels is progressing rather well. I hoped to have finished the series just in time for the release of the fifth book and I am very much on target. I am about 80% through A Storm of Swords...that is by far the best book in the series. Loving the part where that character is on the lam with that other character. I can't get enough...LOL. It's like the movie The Professional. (Love it when he tells her to 'stop trying to think of ways to kill me'!!) Last time I dreaded reading A Feast for Crows but I think I will appreciate it more this time around knowing what happens. Over on ONTD, they leaked GoT Season Two auditions for Melisandre, Davos and Balon Greyjoy. That girl is just horrid for Mel...not at all the way I see the enigmatic shadowbinder from Asshai. The Davos audition is fantastic and I would have no problem with David Wilmot in the role except for the fact that I read Henry Ian Cusick was being considered and I have only ever pictured him in the part since then. I also like the audition for Balon Greyjoy. I don't suppose they want to leak the auditions for Brienne and Asha (<_<). In other GoT news, the actor who portrays my favourite squire (no not Podrick Payne) Lancel Lannister turned 19 yesterday. NINETEEN....I feel so old right now...Anyhow, Happy Birthday to Eugene Simon...enjoy your youth. I hope you have read A Feast for Crows cause you sure do have your work cut out for you...it should be challenging but fun nonetheless :) On tonight's episode I fear the FREE NED campaign takes a major blow...cue the tissues. 

Previews for Episode Nine: Baelor (the title alone is sooooo ominous...)

P.S. I still want Renly + Loras hightailing it to Highgarden...please...it's not too late to show it  ^_^
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I also liked a Storm of Swords the most (and a Clash of Kings), such a good book. I am re-reading now as well, and hoping to finish, but I am still in the book 1

I just finished the reread of ASoS. The last ten chapters (or so) are just absolutely amazing. Everyone talks about the 'weddings' in that book which really are devastating but wow those last ten or so chapters are completely full of jaw dropping, tear inducing moments.
Niviene made it sound like you were going to be placed by the company someplace else...does this mean you are out of a job?