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On coping with A Game of Thones developments...

(Minimal spoilers ahead...)

I realize I'm late posting this but wow Episode 9, Baelor, A Game of Thones, certainly lived up to its expectations. I spent the past few days skimming Twitter for feedback from both people new to the series and people who have read the book. I think surfing Twitter #GameofThrones has become my guilty pleasure. As shocking as that finale was last week it only gets worse from here. These are not your average novels. I warn you do NOT get attached to any character as no one is truly safe. Next week's season finale will feature more jaw-dropping moments including a finale that will literally blow you away and for me, hopefully, one of my fav moments *cough* the battlements *cough*. And I'm still holding out for an added Renly and Loras Highgarden scene...please, please, please. But even that pales in comparison to what happens in the third book. Hopefully the HBO series makes it that far. I just finished my reread of A Storm of Swords. It is definitely the best novel in the series (so far) and it would be a total shame and an injustice if it does not make it to the screen.  I'll enjoy next season - yes I will. Tyrion will be at his very best. But Season Three, gods willing, will truly blow everyone away. If you are upset now and are having a difficult time dealing with the death of one of the main and most likeable characters you may need therapy by the end of season three. Just sayin'

Just a couple of thoughts on episode 9. I'm absolutely loving Bronn aka 'Son wouldn't know him'. As heavy as this episode was, the added scene with Shae, Bronn and Tyrion was a welcome respite from all the drama, providing far better relief than another superfluous Roz scene. Can't say as I was too happy Tyrion was knocked out before the would have been nice to actually see a bit of that battle. I did like that Shae was a bit older and somewhat wiser than book Shae. She makes a better 'match' for Tyrion and is certainly more compelling than in the book. No Ned/Lyanna flashback scenes ("promise me, Ned") but I hold hope that it will still show up at some point in the future. It is known. The Wall was not to be outdone completing the episode with some memorable moments including the Old Bear presenting Jon with Longclaw and the big reveal of Maester Aemon = Targaryen. Great reactions by Jon during that exchange. David Bradley (aka Argus Filch) as Lord Walder Frey. Oh geez I hate him sooooo much. He is such a lecherous, cranky, vile and nasty man. He almost makes Craster look charming...LOL. I had to laugh at Theon's reaction to Robb's engagement. Of course, Cat's response back was even better though. My applause to every single actor in the final scene especially the ones playing the kids - Sansa, Arya and Joffrey. Absolutely brilliant. I had my doubts at how well the young actors would be in this series as they have such challenging and pivotal roles yet they keep consistently proving themselves time and time again. Looking forward to yet am also depressed at the thought of the season week...only one more episode to will I last through the long wait to season two? Oh right...JULY 12 A Dance with Dragons.

If you still haven't recovered from that final scene and need a good laugh, check out some of the reactions posted on Youtube to that climactic moment...

"They killed my nigga Ned" you know how many people want that T-shirt right now?? BTW, I probably would have been that passionate as well if I hadn't read the books first and knew what was coming. You almost need to spoil some of the major scenes - I honestly believe they may be too difficult for people to handle. 

"I hate Joffrey...I f**king hate him!"
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I want one of those T-shirts ROFLMAO!!!!

I can't decide if the whole thing is fake or not....but then again I guess it doesn't really matter anyway cuz......they killed my nigga Ned! It's just so much fun to say :D :D :D

Even though I knew Ned's death was coming I didn't think I'd cry when I did...I was wrong. When Khal Drogo dies I'm probably really going to loose it. I'm getting an new box of Kleenex for it....just saying.
I love these reactions via you tube....count how many times "Fuck" was said ..would of been funny if Me Hates Joffrey video.... the two guys beside her would of reacted...maybe they were in shock...LOL

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