Getting ready for the Season Finale...

Ahhh...I'm crying...I can't handle this. Only one hour to go until the Game of Thrones season finale. Lemoncakes and tea (in the spiffy new A Game of Thrones House Stark mug) are on standby. After that comes the excruciatingly long wait until season two.

Preview for tonight...

Guaranteed HBO will screw up THAT scene (the one I've waited all week for)...Oh well, I'm certain the big finale will raise a few eyebrows and leave the newbs begging for more.
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which scene are you counting on them screwing up?
it seems like there could be a couple you could be waiting for
Re: which scene are you counting on them screwing up?
Thankfully it was done rather well - Sansa/Sandor 'battlements'. It is making me look forward with hope to the mob and the tower scene next year. If those two scenes are done as well as the battlements scene it will be worth the year long wait :)

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Re: which scene are you counting on them screwing up?
I'd actually forgotten about that scene to the extent where when I read of a hint of it (somewhere else) I didn't even know what it was referring to. It was definitely one of the best scenes of the finale but the whole thing was great.
I missed one episode... so I think they maybe will post the season on HBO on demand ....so one can watch all over again :)
I believe the entire season should be available now on demand.

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