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Bits of info are leaking out re: A Dance with Dragons. I am one of those people who actually likes spoilers. Please tell me what happens - it makes the journey there a lot easier. So I am hearing rumours that one of the somewhat minor characters I like may not survive this book. Aside from a character that died in book two, and another minor character in book three, not counting the one who is supposedly dead but we all know really isn't *cough* gravedigger *cough*  this will be the first character whose death would truly disappoint me. I hope it's not true but we shall see soon enough. One week and one day to go.

It's official -  Fernando Muslera has said farewell to Lazio and is moving on to Galatasaray, Turkey. So I guess I won't be seeing very much of him anymore except when he plays with the national team. MEH...I'm sad to see him leave but apparently Lazio have signed one of my other favourite goalies, Frederico Marchetti, to replace him. Ahh, I guess my love for Lazio will live on for yet another year. I wish them both the best of luck on their new teams

My birthday is August 31st...and coincidentally I just saw this posted on the HMV website:


Price: $56.99

Date of release: 30/08/2011
Format: Blu-Ray
Catalogue number: P4F59890

Geez, that almost makes it too easy. Is it redundant to say 'guess what I want for my birthday???'....although technically Chez himself would be even more appropriate.
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If you want, here is a spoilers discussion in my LJ, I added you to the filter;


I am like you, I LOVE SOILERS, but I don't want to spoil anything for the others, so I am filtering.

So I am hearing rumours that one of the somewhat minor characters I like may not survive this book. Aside from a character that died in book two, and another minor character in book three

Oh, who are all those three? I am so curious?
The character that died in book two was Renly and in three was Oberyn Martell. I was hoping for more time for both of them. They had such charisma.

As for the new book...it is only a rumour and I don't want to say as I believe there are a lot of false rumours circulating. I'll post it on your spoilers discussion. Wow, just read that spoilers page by the way! OMG...

By the way do you read via ereader or will you purchasing the hardcover? I plan on staying up till 12:01 and ordering the ebook right away. LOL. If it is not available for one reason or another via ebookI'll be going to Indigo on the 12th and getting a hard copy. It's so funny because all my local stores list their stock numbers already...in other words, they have it in, just not on the shelves yet....arggggh, hurry up already!!
Yes in both cases! I saw Ren;y's death coming (he was in everyone's way , pool soul), but The Red Viper's was sooooo sad. I was also not spoiled for this and it all came as a big surprise.

I have ordered a hardcover, I am sure the ebook version will appear in usual places pretty soon after 12.00 on that day. I can wait a day. :D
The Red Viper's death seemed inappropriate. GRRM introduced this relatively cool character and got rid of him way too soon. I can't say as it was a surprise given the circumstances of his death but I just wish that it hadn't happened.

I have only 5 more chapters to read in Book Four.


I pre-ordered 'A Dance With Dragons' from amazon.ca last month. It should be shipped July 22 but sometimes they ship early so that the items arrive on the day. That would be so nice...

I can't wait to watch 'The Borgias' since I couldn't manage to stay up that late when it was on TV. It will be nice to get into that after reading 'ADWD' since I know that I will probably be feeling a huge letdown once ADWD is finished. :/

I need to check out a spoiler website because I love them too. And YES, I now read ahead (breathlessly sometimes) while reading ASOIAF. Started doing it during Book Three. :)
I read ahead as well - basically I would look at the chapter POV's and just keep advancing in a certain character's storyline. I am so impatient...I don't like 'cliffhangers'...tell me what happens NOW!! LOL

I guess you are finished AFfC now. Did you enjoy it?
Again so late...sorry!

For me AFFC was a difficult book...I thought it was quite dark and didn't really enjoy the first half or thereabouts. But then I got so involved in the last half and ended up loving it...it will be interesting to go back and read it again. :)

But ohhhhh....the cliffhangers! :(

Now, of course, I have my hands on ADWD, or as GRRM calls it on his LJ, DANCE. I am bummed that we may not find out what happens to certain people, but maybe we will. It is SO HARD not to read ahead...I probably will...then hate myself. XD
Is that a hint? Should I be buying the Borgias Blu Ray for your birthday? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ahhh bye Bye poor Fernando...I will miss your squeeing every time he came on....too funny! I'm sure you'll find some other goalie to squee for!
Fernando's replacement is almost as enjoyable as Fernando...btw I maintain that I squeed just as much for Mauri as I did for Muslera.