Updates galore...

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. OK I kow that I've attempted to avoid social media as I didn't want to be spoiled for A Dance with Dragons but wow I didn't realize it's been that long. Let's see, what did I do? What is going on?

I finally had a vacation...well sort of. Three nights in Ottawa. It was a truly enjoyable and relaxing (psychologically) break from the chaos. Just seeing that statue of Samuel de Champlain makes me smile.

Watched Team Uruguay win the Copa America...but I already knew they would. Geez, I really should bet money on this team. I'd clean up. For some reason everyone forgets about them and they are always considered underdogs. Next up: Olympics 2012 Gold Medal. It is known.

My obsession for the show Merlin just keeps growing. Yes I've watched the series since it first aired in Canada a few years ago but since then it has grown to become my comfort show. I've now purchased the Season I and II dvds and am dvring Season III so I have it archived until it is available to purchase. Coming soon: a Merlin marathon with the cast audio commentary on. That should be a hoot!

Watched the 2011 ComicCon panels for Merlin and A Game of Thrones. Perhaps San Diego is a potential future vacation. Note to self: When did become such a geek? By the way, GRRM is a great moderator IMO.

Did not watch one single second of the Real Madrid preseason. I did however watch them lose to Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup. Sigh. Iker just cannot play against that team - he just gets sooo flustered. I'm not blaming him for the lose but normally he is so composed. Whenever he plays Barca he is just not himself. There is so much bad blood between the two teams it is rather sad to watch. I hope it doesn't hinder the Spanish national team performance (although truthfully I would love to see Uruguay kick their ass just once!).

Fernando Gago married Gisela Dulko...yay :) I only wish that his professional career could match the bliss of his personal life.

Haven't watched an entire Rafa match all summer long...unless you count the French Open and Wimbledon finals which I watched part of. Uggh, Djokovic at number one...I can't, even. *hangs head*

Watched So You Think You Can Dance (America) and the right person won. Arguably, the top three performers were the three best dancers ever on this series.

Rented a bunch of DVDs - can't say as I recall any too well although Source Code was pretty decent.

Went to see some movies - Xmen First Class was the best of the lot and not JUST because of the brilliance that is James McAvoy. It was simply an enjoyable film....far far better than Harry Potter. Truthfully I would have enjoyed the movie more if it focused on Neville and Luna. That series went completely downhill for me the minute Sirius Black died.

Watching True Blood - Jessica and Jason, just say 'no', please.

Watching Big Brother - and not caring.

Work - it happens but I don't even want to think about it right now.

My birthday - is a couple of weeks away, conveniently the day after The Borgias is released on DVD. *swoons* I love you Chez.

Discovered a waterpark at the base of Sherbourne Street right across from Sugar Beach. It's the new hangout.

Amount of time spent on Tumblr vs Twitter = 100%>0%. I love Tumblr these days. Some of the artwork there is simply breathtaking.

Read a LOT of books. Aside from A Dance with Dragons (which will have a separate post), I finished the Julie Kagawa Iron Fey series (I am in complete denial that I am Team Ash and insist I am Team Puck...although I believe I may secretly be Team Glitch in the end) and I've finished the first two books in The Hunger Games trilogy (wherein I'm neither Team Gale nor Team Peeta - I'm with Finnick all the way, even though I don't see it ending too well for him)

I guess that's pretty much how my summer has progressed so far. The good news I am still on short weeks at work until the end of September. And there a few fun events planned over the next little while - the CNE, Cirque du Soleil and Jesus Christ Superstar in Stratford. I'll keep you posted.
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I loved Ottawa and want to go back soon!

Uruguay = \o/ It is known!

I hope they have the outtakes on the Merlin DVDs because they are priceless! Those panels at ComicCon are brilliant…I wish we could go to San Diego sometime! Yes we are now geeks it is officially known lol!

Awww I’m glad Fernando found someone that makes him happy he deserves it! And Gizela is a lovely person. I hope he gets to play on a regular basis so that everyone can be reminded of how talented he really is!

Idk I just don’t like Djokovic all that much…he’s not that likeable as a person imho as especially Rafa and even Roger are!

James McAvoy = genius

Harry Potter = disappointing and That series went completely downhill for me the minute Sirius Black died. = yup pretty much…JKR did create a brilliant world but her grasp of character development needs to improve greatly!

True Blood = mediocre this season

Watching Big Brother - too much drama for the sake of drama and not for the sake of moving forward the game = BORING!

My birthday = awesome day because you’re an awesome person!

waterpark at the base of Sherbourne Street right across from Sugar Beach = cool place but needs more greenery…wish we’d discovered this earlier in the summer!

The Hunger Games trilogy = now that I have my eReader I’m so looking forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd books but don’t tell me what happens!

CNE, Cirque du Soleil and Jesus Christ Superstar in Stratford = woo fun times ahead!

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Ottawa is like a little slice of heaven. A total reprieve from Toronto.

I believe there are outtakes on the Merlin dvds...if not there are those ones on Youtube anyway. They are such losers...LOL

I would say I have more respect for Roger than that I like him. He seems nice enough, even funny at times, but more that I have respect for him because I truly think he respects the game and what being a Number One tennis player means. Rafa of course, he is completely charismatic. I just don't get anything from Nole. Even Andy Murray has more umph than Nole.

Yay for a new James McAvoy movie to watch on my birthday week :)

The Harry Potter series vs the books:
Books 1-4 - Movies better than books
Books 5-7 - books better than movies

True Blood always seems mediocre to me. They have some good parts and some really boring silly parts...still it's better than a lot of series out there though.

The Hunger Games - ok won't tell you anything EXCEPT that Finn has become my fav character. He has this Jaime Lannister thing about him...you hate him at first and then you wind up loving him. If the movie does well and then they make the sequels I'd be curious to see who they cast as him. I have several ppl in mind.
You have been busy! Ottawa is a very nice city, with beautiful surroundings if you fancy a drive in the country. )

Uruguay rocks. The Olympics should be fascinating. Unfortunately, the U20 team did not do well in the U20 World Cup, but I am sure they will improve.

I like the 'new' Real Madrid team a lot, but I just don't really like Jose Mourinho. Sure, he knows how to win, but he knows how to make enemies also. I find him very abrasive and annoying. :( *sigh*

I don't watch much TV at all, but I did catch a few episodes of 'Big Brother' and found no one interesting. :(

I want to get the DVD of The Borgias first season so I can see what I missed!

I finished ADWD also and am looking forward to your post about it. ;)

Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)
I love Ottawa...I could see myself living there except that I am not as fluent in French as I used to be and almost all the jobs require you to be bilingual.

I never doubt Uruguay...they are so strong.

I have a soft spot for Jose Mourinho. I like to think that he does all the stuff he does to divert attention to him - not JUST because he revels in the attention but because it keeps the media away from the players. It takes them off the radar - less pressure on them.

The Borgias is definitely worth watching.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer as well :)