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Fall TV Schedule

Here is a list of the Fall TV season premiere dates for the shows I will likely be watching this season:

Sun Sep 4: Lost Girl (Showcase CA)
Tue Sep 13: 9 PM - Camelot (CBC) - haha, the full Series dvd is released the same day
Wed Sep 14: 9 PM - America's Next Top Model (CW) - I doubt I'll watch this
Thu Sep 15: 8 PM - The Vampire Diaries (CW); 9 PM - The Secret Circle (CW)
Mon Sep 19: 10 PM - Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) (not to be confused with Home Crashers...*winks*)
Tue Sep 20: 8 PM - Glee (Fox); 9 PM - New Girl (Fox)
Thu Sep 22: 8 PM - The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Fri Sep 23: 9 PM - Fringe (Fox)
Sun Sep 25: 8 PM - The Amazing Race (CBS); 10 PM - Pan Am (ABC)
Mon Sep 26: 8 PM - Gossip Girl (CW); Terra Nova (Fox)
Fri Oct 21: 9 PM - Grimm (NBC)
Sun Oct 23: 8 PM - Once Upon a Time (ABC)
Thu Nov 3: 9 PM - Bones (Fox)

I doubt I'll watch all these shows. I want to at least see the first episode of the new series to see how they fair. I have no idea when Merlin, Season Four, will air in Canada. Presumably it will be on Space. The series will air on the BBC starting in early October. Last year Space was pretty quick - I think they started up Season Three maybe about a month or two after it aired on the BBC so hopefully it won't be too long a wait. A Game of Thrones - A Clash of Kings will presumably start in April 2012 but I'm praying that HBO bumps that date up. No word on The Borgias but I expect that to also be in the spring of 2012.
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So many shows so little time! Exciting Fall lineup of shows. I'm especially looking forward to Circle of Friends. The book was really good for YA. I also want to see where Warehouse 13 is at if we're getting the first season here in Canada or not as US is ahead of us obviously. Hope it's good. I bet Camelot does better in Canada than US and they regret cancelling it lol

So when is the Borgia's and AGOT back? I miss Chez!
You mean "The Secret Circle" right?

Likely not till April 2012 for the Borgias and GoT, but I can tell you what happens...LOL

Camelot is really supposed to be terrible but I bet we'll like it, knowing us.
Yes I meant Secret was I typing there? I really do need a long vacation...I also kept thinking today was Wednesday not Thursday lol.

Yes I think we'll like it if for the eye candy alone LMAO!
Some shows I have decided to see the pilot episode as well and decided from there if worth the bite for the rest of the season......some regulars shows have conflicting times, so three shows for me will have to watch via online web showing....
There are a couple of things that will overlap but thankfully between timeshifting, dvr and Rogers on demand I think I should be able to catch everything I want to see.