Jasmine - WTF

So concludes The Hunger Games...

That's how she decides to end The Hunger Games trilogy? <_<  REALLY?? Very weak conclusion IMO especially after a couple of relatively decent novels :(  And GRRM says he is going to give us a bittersweet ending to ASOIAF. Hmph, well if it's anything like the ending to Mockingjay it won't even be bittersweet....just bitter. MEH...how disappointing.  Bear in mind, this comes from someone who found the Harry Potter series finale rather lackluster as well...I guess I'm just picky *shrugs shoulders* and I miss Finnick :(

Time to move on to Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series. Here goes nothing...wish me luck.
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Hummm saw these Cassandra books when they first came out in hard cover... was not sure if I wanted to start another series..have so many waiting for new books to come out in trade paperback...don't like hard cover...but if you are going to read this series please post review...love to know if they are good .....
I'm about 75% completed the book now. It started slowly but it has really picked up and become much better than the first few chapters. Very surprising twists as well. If I could say it was like anything it is a cross between an imaginary world sort of like Harry Potter (a lot of terms, names and gadgets) mixed with the human interaction of Twilight characters and the dynamics of the tv series Supernatural. You could either REALLY hate the lead characters or REALLY love them. There is a lot of sarcasm - the lead Shadowhunter is snarky, full of witty comments, stuff that Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would say. I'll definitely read the rest of the series when I finish this book.