Rainbow Spiral

CNE - 2011 edition....

Yesterday I braved the 29 degree heat and potential thunderstorms for the annual trek to the Canadian National Exhibition with bff niviene. Thankfully the weather was more than tolerable...a cool breeze in the morning carried us into the afternoon where we spent most of our time shopping in the various buildings. I miraculously stayed within budget. I picked up a National Team scarf for Team Uruguay and a National Team sun hat for Team Argentina - $10 total for both items, fitted black jeans from Bluenotes for $10, some apple cider hair rinse, emu oil and a couple of chocolate bars that are rather hard to find anywhere else.

In addition to the shopping, spent the remainder of the evening at the free outdoor concert by The Doorsmen - a local cover band for The Doors. Granted it wasn't the Jim Morrison and the Doors live...not that I ever had the priviledge, in this lifetime,...it was still incredible to finally hear/see a live version of The Doors music. During the second set they even played my three fav songs back to back....Roadhouse Blues, Riders on the Storm, The Crystal Ship. And it even rained a little during ROTS which further set the mood. Tuthfully, the lead singer looked more like a combination of Edinson Cavani and Tristan from Stardust....in other words, great hair and passably close enough to the real thing. All in all it was a rather surreal experience.
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