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Now get me the Reeds....

Podrick Payne has been cast...\o/ he will definitely be around for season two of Game of Thrones.

Access Hollywood can exclusively reveal that actor Daniel Portman has been cast as Tyrion’s squire, Podrick Payne. Podrick is actually in the first book in author George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, but was not shown in Season 1 of the HBO series. He becomes an invaluable ally to Tyrion as the imp becomes the King’s Hand in Season 2. Portman appeared in the 2010 horror film “Outcast,” alongside “Dr. Who” star Karen Gillan. He also has a small role in the upcoming 2012-due film,“The Angel’s Share.”

Note to self: How is it that I do not have a Tyrion + Bronn icon? *eyedart*

So yesterday Galatasaray (I hope I spelled that correctly) played Real the most inconvenient time possible. 4 PM, my time. Right when I leave work. Since I had an errand to run I was not home until after the game finished. I see from the results that RM were victorious with the final score being 2-1. The Ramos scored. I don't even know if Fernando Muslera played but I'd really like to know if he did, and how well he performed. Gosh I really hope someone covers Galatasaray otherwise I'll never get to see him anymore :(

Yes I'm keeping an eye on the transfer window...only a few days left till the chaos is over. As for the CL draw...oh boy, is it just me or are the Groups a lot more competitive than normal? For example, Group A = Bayern, Villareal, Man City, Napoli. O_O Any one of those teams legitimately could win it. Perhaps more significant is that TWO of THOSE teams WON'T advance. WOW! I, of course, will cheer for Napoli to win Group A. RM are in Group D along with Lyon, Ajax and Dinamo Zagreb. Even that one isn't a lock for RM. *is scared*  It certainly will be an interesting race for the CL title this season.

I am contemplating switching over my LJ moodtheme to a Merlin theme to match the new layout. I think I have a Merlin moodtheme somewhere on file. Perhaps a project for tomorrow. Excerpt I'd REALLY miss Chez....hmmmm, dilemma....
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