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I have so many things to update you on I don't know where to begin. I've been avoiding social media (LJ, Twitter) for a while now as my life has been really chaotic. I'd love to start this post discussing the travesty that was this week...my first week working from home, but I guess you really need to know what has been going on in my life to get to the point where I am working from home in the first place.

Back in July it was decided that the office I work at it would be moving to a new city. The staff of five were given the choice to either stay or leave. The office move was scheduled to occur the end of October. I gave my notice that I would not be moving and since I could not nor did I want to commute to the new city I formally notified my work that I would be leaving. Since they had to provide me with 8 mos notice and they did not want to 'buy' me out, they offered me the opportunity to work from home once the office location moved. And that my friends is why I am working at home from now until March 15, 2012 (the ides!!!). Of course I can leave earlier if I find another job...and that is already in progress. I have applied for a job which is recruiting for the start of their new year which is April 2012 and it looks very much like I have it. It's the job I want...well actually I don't even really know what the job is yet but it is the PLACE and COMPANY I want to work for. The HR director is looking to place me where I am most suited...apparently I fit into 7 of 9 different departments...

With that job in mind I really am not looking for anything and don't plan to. If I get the job, fantastic...I can start there at any time in April (or sooner or later...whenever they want me). If I don't, I'll have saved sufficient funds by that time to keep me going for a while as look for jobs. I honestly am not worried about finding a job. And I am about 90% certain I will be recruited to work at the aforementioned place and company. It really would be a dream-come-true if I get to work there...so keeping fingers crossed all around. I refuse to state the place/company here as I feel like I'll somehow jinx it. Suffice to say it is a sports event and the offices are in an ultra modern building located right by the lake,12 minutes walking distance from me. And the contacts will be AMAZING. I don't even care what they'd pay me...I just want to work there so badly.

More updates to follow regarding: new fall tv season, working from home and the travesty that was the first week, book reads, football, and all the usual suspects...ciao for now :)
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Hopefully at some point you can get me in there too so I can leave the Hell I work in!
What news! I was wondering what happened to you. I guess it's too soon to say 'Congrats on the new job!' but it sounds wonderful. :)