And yet more meetings...*sigh*

UGGH…meetings today. I did get a bit of a reprieve as I didn’t have to complete the meeting notes immediately after the meeting for a change.  Unfortunately I just found out they added ANOTHER meeting in February. So until March 15 I now have to attend the following meetings:
Nov 25-26 (3mtgs)
January 13-14 (3mtgs)
February TBA date (1mtg)
March2-3 (3mtgs)
Geez, you’d think I’d catch a break because I’m leaving but noooooo!! To top it off the November meeting coincides with the Whole Life Expo which means I can only attend on the Sunday *rolls eyes*
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I will be going on the Saturday to check everything out at the Whole Life Expo...then we can go back on Sunday!

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