Football 2011-12

Since it’s Sunday I guess the catch up post of the day will be re: soccer. I’m still following my fav team which, for all intents and purposes, is Real Madrid. I can’t say as I’ve religiously watched every one of their games this year as there have been some conflicts with the scheduling of other matches. A good Serie A match up will trump a La Liga match for me every time, even if Real Madrid plays. Current fav RM player is Ozil…and it is not just because someone pointed out the ever so slight resemblance between him and James McAvoy. Still love the Ramos and Higuain and Marcelo and Iker…and of course J-Mo. I’m missing Gago on Real Madrid. I experience both pain and pleasure having him on Roma. I’m happy to see him play regularly and gain in confidence as the season is progressing. However, bear in mind LAZIO is one of my two fav Serie A teams so the thought of watching and cheering for Roma actually brings a tear to my eye. But I’m doing it…and I can say to some degree I am actually enjoying Roma. Plus Roma has introduced me to Osvaldo…the new ‘hot’ player…aka…the new “Amauri” (I so miss him). And Bojan is soooo much better on Roma than back in his old Barca days. That said, in the Derby I still cheered for Lazio and did a jump for joy when the won it in the dying seconds of the game. Quelle drama!!! Not really sure why I still love Lazio so much, I just do. No more Muslera…he is now on a team in Turkey that I never get to see play. Ironically, his replacement, Marchetti, was my third fav Serie A goalkeeper so I can’t complain. Mauri has been injured and absent for most of the season so far. Still Lazio lives on. My other fav Serie A team, Napoli, SHOULD be doing better. I have faith though…they are still top six in Serie A and it is early in the season. Hopefully they can defeat Man City in the next CL game. Palermo is another story. Pastore and Sirigu (yes, he was my second fav Serie A goalie) are gone. Miccoli has been injured. It’s just not the same…*weeps* 
I woke up at 6 AM today to watch the Madrid game…haha, triumph. A 7-1 victory…it almost seemed too easy. To top it off Barca drew AND I won on ProLine thanks to my fav go-to ProLine pick, Tottenham. Yay!! First proline win of the year :)
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AS Roma!!!! Like you, I was drawn to this team only because players like Gago, Osvaldo, Bojan and my favourite player from Argentina - Erik Lamela - went there! But I'm hooked, I'm afraid. I feel so guilty, because Juve is still my favourite Serie A team and it feels wrong somehow to like Roma. But Roma is insidious and the Roma-love is creeping up on me. :/

I confess to rather more of a fondness for Atletico Madrid now that before, and am losing interest more and more in Real Madrid, although I really hate to say that. :(

I'm so glad that Spurs won a Proline for you! (My favourite English team.) :)
I would have NEVER thought I would say that I liked Roma but yes, like you, I am now hooked as well. Isn't Gago doing a great job on that team? So good to see him playing. My loyalty to teams isn't very strong - I freely admit that. I'm more loyal to players than teams - if my fav player moves, so do I. When I first started watching Serie A, Juve was my fav team....now it's pretty much Napoli and Lazio although I still follow Juve and Palermo. I will always like Real Madrid - or at least until Iker and Sergio go. I honestly don't watch any other Spanish team. I spend way more time watching Serie A than La Liga. As for EPL, I still don't follow any specific team...there are no players that I'm loyal to there, yet. For some reason though, whenever I win on a Proline I usually have Tottenham on the ticket so I guess that makes them my fav EPL by default...LOL