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The new TV season...

A new season of tv is upon us and I thought I’d do a recap of the shows I am and am not watching this year.
Monday – I used to watch Gossip Girl but have since stopped watching it. I can say with some degree that I'm not missing it although I did have a dream about Chuck Bass a couple of nights ago....don't ask. niviene has started watching Terra Nova. I could give or take that show but most of the time I don’t bother watching it. I do watch Two Broke Girls…very enjoyable. Not as funny as Big Bang Theory but still pretty decent. Hawaii Five-O is on Monday nights but I prefer to watch it on Demand as I refuse to watch any shows that start at 10 PM or later.
TuesdayGlee is the only show I watch on Tuesdays. It’s not like I love the show it’s just happens to be on and I watch it 'cause basically there is nothing else to watch. Glee is the kind of show where it is hit or miss. About one out of ever four episodes is amazing, the rest are mediocre at best.
Wednesday – I LOVE Camelot…I can’t believe it was cancelled. There are only two more episodes left and then I will have Wednesday nights free. Perhaps the scheduling gods can move some shows over from Thursday or Friday to Tuesday or Wednesday to balance out the week??? Wednesdays I also watch Dragon’s Den if I have nothing better to do at 8 PM.
Thursday –8 PM is Big Bang Theory. 8:30 is Whitney. At 9, niviene watches The Secret Circle which is another give or take show for me. I’ll watch it if I’m in the mood but for some reason I tend to start falling asleep on Thursdays around that time. *shrugs shoulders* Person of Interest is also on at 9 but that gets watched on Demand usually on Saturday night. Oh Whitney…I wish that show would get better ratings as I doubt it will survive the cut. Meh
Friday -  8 PM is The Vampire Diaries…just when I thought the season was sucking (no pun intended) it has picked up. I really only like Caroline & Tyler though. 9 PM, niviene watches Fringe. Grimm is also on at 9 but I watch it on Demand… that is if Rogers ever feels like updating their “on Demand” since Grimm is already a week behind. I only saw one episode of Grimm but it was good enough to keep me hooked. I believe Bones has just started airing new episodes this week as well and since that show is on Fridays @ 9 in conflict with Fringe and Grimm I’ll have to watch it on Demand as well…hopefully it WILL be on Demand...
Saturday – is catch up night…H5O and Person of Interest. IMO Person of Interest is the BEST show on tv these days…aside from BBT, of course.
SundayOnce Upon a Time at 8 and Lost Girl at 9. The premiere of OUAT wasn’t that great but the past couple of shows have been a lot better. It has potential.
Other TV:
Merlin season 4 is airing on the BBC now. It is taking all my reserve NOT to watch it online. I am holding off until 2012 which is when I assume Space will start airing it. Right now, Space is rebroadcasting season 3 (they just aired episode 4) so my guess is they will start up season 4 when season 3 is complete…at least I hope so. Of course Tumblr pretty much keeps me updated as to what is happening on Merlin, whether I want to be spoiled or not….LOL
I just finished watching the entire first season of House of Anubis, a really cute kid’s show on Nickelodeon. I think they’ve just finished filming season two so it may be a while before I finally get to see that one again . Game of Thrones season 2, aka A Clash of Kings, will start up in April on HBO. I can’t wait for Melisandre (and the Reeds, if they are KEEPING the Reeds in the series! I can’t even…ACOK without the Reeds would be sooooo wrong) No word on when season 2 of the Gemini award winning best drama seriesThe Borgias will start other than some time in 2012. I miss Francois...err, Chez...
Tomorrow I'll catch you up on book reads...
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