How much do we pay these people per hour?

Last Thursday I purchased my new Kobo ereader - a lime green Kobo Vox. Here is a pic...

I took it home and ATTEMPTED to set it up. My old Kobo jurequired a simple USB connection. After connecting to desktop it took a few hours to charge and that was worked like a charm. Not so for this one. The new one required WIFI to set up. Now I'm not saying I'm technologically challenged but I'm no genius when it comes setting up networks and the like. I do have wireless internet at home. It should have been simple - turn on the ereader and the ereader recognizes the wifi network. It did...and then it asked for the password...which I entered...and then did not connect. After a 45 minute call to BELL, my network access and password were changed...TWICE...and that didn't help. The BELL call was followed by a 30 minute call to KOBO helpdesk who believed they resolved the issue by telling me the ereader was defective and to take it back. I raised an eyebrow to the whole affair as I knew it wasn't faulty - the ereader turned on no problem and recognized the network, therefore there was something blocking the connection somewhere along the line. I decided to let my tech guy figure it out. Alas, he informed me he would not be available until next week and well, you know me, I can't wait.

So I checked out the internet (the source of all knowledge o_O) for known issues connecting the Vox to Wifi and discovered what I believed was the problem (something to do with a MAC address...don't ask, I don't understand the background of it, I just followed the instructions). Anyhow I tested it out and sure enough that was the problem. Suffice to say the new Kobo is now up and running and working splendidly. I haven't even checked out all the features it has since it  really functions as an android tablet not just an ereader. Right now I'm only using it as an ereader. Last night I completed my reading of The Iron Knight (and shed a tear for the perfection that was...*sigh*...I will miss those characters so much). I have now moved on to a novel about Elizabeth Bathory (aka the female Vlad the Impaler) called The Countess...This one will either be brilliant or bore me to tears. I actually wanted to read it around Halloween so I'm a little behind schedule.
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Nice Kobo Vox....

'I have now moved on to a novel about Elizabeth Bathory (aka the female Vlad the Impaler) called The Countess...'

I have seen few regarding her tale, let me know if good I may put it on my list.....
It's been slow so far...she is still a young girl in the novel. I'm not positive but I think the movie called The Countess is based on this book.
How annoying!

Last week two patients showed me their new has the iPhone and the other has a $500 LG phone that takes (and shows) 3-D pictures and movies. Both were awesome and I'm jealous.

I want one, but they are so expensive. Yet because of the cost, there are no performance issues with them. I don't know...

I still like my old Kindle! LOL @ 'old'. I've only had it a little more than a year...XD