Workouts & International Friendlies...

Yesterday I started running again. It was joyous. I really find running to be just as if not more relaxing than yoga for me. Just me and music. According to my ipod which tracks these things I actually ran just under 4 km. Not bad for a first time. I tried to take it slowly but it really wasn't that difficult even on the steeper inclines. I didn't feel any after affects...until this morning, that is. Now my legs are a bit sore but nothing major. I did a surprisingly well suited yoga workout this morning consisting of forward bends that helped to stretch all the leg muscles. That said, I don't want to go overboard on the running this week. My schedule is a little tight for today and tomorrow so I don't plan to run again until Thursday. My plan is that by the end of November I will be regularly running 5 km every 2-3 days.

Great surprise news for me. Normally I am up on these things. I knew Uruguay was playing Italy in a friendly but I thought it was scheduled for tomorrow @ 2:45 - which is when I have a repeat dentist appointment. It turns out the match is today instead and it is on in HD!!! YAY. I am working my schedule around the game. Soooo excited. Although I read somewhere that Luis Suarez isn't going to be playing. MEH. Hopefully that means a lot of Cavani :)
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