Teeth...and vampires...(they seem to go so well together)

After one hour in the dentist's chair and a very tired jaw, the last of my amalgam fillings has been replaced. I'm glad that's over with. I love my dentist but it gets really uncomfortable keeping your mouth pried open for about an hour.

I finished reading The Countess...it was oh so tedious. It read like any other historical fiction novel, only a lot more boring. There was really nothing to her life story. No spectacular or riveting scenes. Although the author clearly wanted to eliminate the nasty 'rumors' surrounding Countess Erzsébet Báthory (her blood rituals, etc.) the author failed to make Erzsébet appealing. As the novel trudged on I found myself happy that the Countess was imprisoned (walled in) and believed she deserved worse. She was not at all a likeable character. MEH. Don't read this book...there are a million other historical fiction novels that are way better. I have moved on to a more popular novel which I'm told by many is quite enjoyable = The Night Circus. I'll keep you updated.

Tonight is the season, and series, finale of Camelot. Boo!! I really like this series. It's a shame it was cancelled. Even the soundtrack was brilliant. That said, the sooner Jamie Campbell Bower is on screen as Jace, the happier I'll be. Speaking of JCB, if anyone who reads this blog is planning on seeing Breaking Dawn - Part 1 this weekend please let me know what scene the movie finishes at. I assume it will be when Bella goes into labour. I really want to find out if the Volturi are in this movie or if they only show up for Part 2. I have no desire to see Part 1 if the Volturi are not in it. The thought of sitting through two hours of Edward and Bella getting married and going on a honeymoon is nothing short of torture. I recall reading the novel and thinking geez this is crap...until I reached the second half when the Volturi and the other vampires arrived. The second half of the novel was great and I actually look forward to that movie. Unfortunately it won't be released until next year (November 16, 2012). Supposedly Jackson Rathbone (aka movie Jasper) will be attending the Canadian premiere of Breaking Dawn...a few blocks away from me. ALMOST worth going to see it just for that reason....then again, call me when its JCB or Michael Sheen.
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Oh so glad you posted your personal review on The Countess .....who was the author again so I can not put this on my list ...? I think i choose something more fictional on her life story ....

I am seeimg Breaking Dawn this weekend will let you know.....on last scene .... I thought the Volturi were in it ....but again will confirm if so....
Oh gods don't read that book. It is The Countess: A Novel Of Elizabeth Bathory by Rebecca Johns and it is so dull. It is fiction but it is just not interesting fiction.

I'll check your LJ for the Twilight review. Thx