Game of Thrones, Season 2...

HBO has released a Season 2 production promo video for GoT:CoK (those initials are so bad it isn't even funny - I wish they would just change the name of the series to ASOIAF)...

My thoughts on the trailer:
  1. Stannis looks a lot younger than I imagined. I may actually like tv Stannis more than book Stannis...he came across much more sympathetic in two seconds on screen...LOL
  2. Oh Mel...how I wish I could have had this part. I do love your very RED hair. Two thumbs up
  3. Ser Loras is still very pretty
  4. Renly's antler crown is magnificent. He looks better with a beard and longer hair but still doesn't live up to the description of book Renly.
  5. A little bit of the Iron Islands...I wish Balon Greyjoy had dreadlocks. I don't know why but it suits the elder Greyjoys and especially Aeron (Greyjoy) Damphair.
  6. Is it sad that I LOL'd when I saw Joffrey with the crossbow?
  7. I did audibly squee at the appearance of Sandor Clegane circa 1'38".
  8. I loved D.B. Weiss' t-shirt. It was so dorky-cute. Sheldon Cooper needs one.
In other ASOIAF news, Kit Harington was cast as...get this...KING ARTHUR in yet another reimagining of the Camelot legend *rolls eyes*. So first we have Bradley James and then we have Jamie Campbell Bower and now Kit Harington as Arthur. I'd more likely believe the first two as Arthur at least the way I envision Arthur to be. Even then, I'm pushing it. Kit's more IDK Percival-ish?? I'd possibly buy him as Gawaine, on one of his better days...but Arthur, nope, just not seeing it.

Sidenote: I've noticed that I have difficulty typing Jamie Campbell Bower. Whenever I type JAMIE I want to type JAIME...I totally blame GRRM for this compulsion.
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