Tues Champ League results...

Perfect results today in the Champions League. Real Madrid CRUSHED Dinamo Zagreb 6-2. Only problem with that game is that NO ONE covered it so I couldn't watch it....However I was able to watch the Napoli - Man City match and that resulted in a HUGE victory for Napoli. They really needed that win. 2-1. Cavani scored both goals. Truthfully Man City were extremely lucky the scoreline was only 2-1 as Napoli had a plethora of excellent chances which they failed to capitalize on. Napoli is doing so poorly in the Serie A right now and I would like to assume it is because they are spending all their effort to succeed in CL. After today they stand an excellent chance of going through to the next round. For what it's worth I hope AC Milan trashes Barca tomorrow, not that the results of that game really matter at this point. I just want to see Barca get thrashed...
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What a crazy bunch of results! O_O
First, Real Madrid is doing GREAT! I really think this could be their year. :)
I didn't bother to watch any of the matches because I thought they would be boring, but WOW! They were anything BUT. I would have loved to have watched Napoli beat ManCity. And Benfica (another team I like) managed a tie against Man Utd, which I thought was incredible!

Now if ONLY AC Milan really DO crush Barca! (I actually had an early bet on that AC Milan would win the CL this time...I had a feeling...but now I think Real Madrid will do it.) XD
You know I really believe it is Real Madrid's this year as well. They look so determined.

Do you know where the CL final is being held?
Yes, the CL final will be at the Allianz Arena in Munich on May 19th, 2012. :) Let's hope for Real Madrid to be there! :)