Antisocial me and some Serie A...

Office Holiday Social and meeting weekend is OVER!!  Even finished the meeting notes. PHEW....glad that is done with. Since my busy season is now behind me I can cruise till the Holidays and concentrate on more important things…like keeping a regular workout schedule :)

Didn’t get to watch the Roma game this week but I did catch a bit of the rebroadcast. I read that Osvaldo was not too pleased with Lamela and well…sh*t happens. Quidquid…they played Udinese, so what did they expect? Udinese is great this season. Was only able to monitor the score in the Real Madrid game but I did get to see the Lazio Juve game which was rather exciting aside from the final results. A lot of end to end action. Lazio at least deserved a draw. Oh well. Napoli playing Juve right now and up 2-0 at the half. Cavani is not dressed for this game (note: if you aren't into soccer that could sound exciting, but really, get your mind out of the gutter as that is NOT what it refers to) and since I’m watching the game on RAI with Italian commentary I don’t know if he is injured or just sitting it out. In any case, Forza Napoli…Oh bloody hell, Matri just scored…I better get back to the game. Ciao for now.

FYI - two nights in a row I've had dreams about Cesare Borgia (a mix between real Chez and Francois Arnaud Chez)...I think it's time to crack open The Borgias blu-ray and catch up on some Italian Renaissance fiction.

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Gods that icon is soooooooooooooooo distracting...all hail the long hair on men!

two nights in a row I've had dreams about Cesare Borgia (a mix between real Chez and Francois Arnaud Chez)

Ahhhhh Francois Arnaud &Chez *ponders this for a while* *ok I'm back* Well not so much my type yet I find him riveting....idk can't explain it.

I don't think I've watched a proper futbol match in ages...I need to catch up stat!
Yes Osvaldo...she now THAT is how hair should be...And I tossed up an old Gago icon to remind us of what truly beautiful hair looks like...*sigh*

You will have the opportunity to catch up on some futbol this week:
Sat @ Noon - Real Madrid game
Sat @ 2:45 - Napoli
Sun @ 9 AM - Roma
for me, Mon @ 2:45 - Lazio
next Wed @ 2:45 - Real Madrid Champions League game
And if all else fails, THE CLASICO - REAL MADRID VS BARCA, on Sat 10th @ 6 PM (or at least that is how it scheduled online right now)