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AGoT DVD release and filming news...

Oh boy…so come this March, while everyone is off on Spring Break, I’ll be sitting by the tv enjoying this little ditty…

Looks pretty darned spiff IMO. I'll try to hold off on rewatching AGoT until then.

And from Winter Is Coming.net is the following newsbit:
"We are now hearing from multiple sources that HBO plans to order both seasons three and four and film them back-to-back (à la Lord of the Rings). It has already that "A Storm of Swords" would be covered in more than one season. From what we have heard, much of the film crew in Northern Ireland has been told of this plan and has been advised to expect nine months of filming next year.

I have no doubt that this is an option that HBO is exploring, perhaps even leaning towards, but I don’t think it is a done deal just yet. HBO likely won’t announce anything official until season two begins, so they could change their minds before then. It does make sense though, to do it this way, as they’ve already said they will be splitting book three into multiple seasons. This way they get the whole of the book filmed in one go, saving on production costs and keeping the kids from aging in between seasons.

As long as this series makes it through to the end of A Storm of Swords I will be completely satisfied. Anything beyond ASoS is going to be a bonus. Guaranteed Season III will end with the Red Wedding. If THAT isn't the ultimate cliffhanger-make-people-want-more-devastating-moment I don't know what is! Ned's beheading is tame in comparison. Plus Walder Frey will suddenly turn into the villain supreme leaving Joffrey Lannister in his dust.

BTW, it is snowing now...the first snowfall of the season...WINTER IS COMING...how appropriate for this post :)
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