It's Merlin Day

Merlin DVDs, Hugo, Davis Cup...

I spent so much time perusing the yet to be released AGoT dvds I forgot to mention, and not to be overshadowed, the Season 3 dvd collection for Merlin will FINALLY be released in North America on…get this…January 17th. Wow, whose idea was that? Umm, Season 3 was finished airing for over a year now in Britain and for at least 9 months here in Canada. In fact, as I type this, I imagine there are only a couple of episodes left in the current Season 4 in the UK. Why the heck couldn’t they release the Season 3 dvds stateside BEFORE Christmas? Would have made a great gift. Booo! The Merlin dvds and AGoT blu rays are the last final major purchases I need to make for a long while (hopefully)…that and Camelot on Blu Ray…oh, and I still haven’t purchased XMen: First Class. Amazing how I do not own one single movie starring James McAvoy and yet the man is more or less my fav actor. Oh wait, I have The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe *smirks* Note to self: NEEDS James McAvoy icon
I just confirmed that Hugo is playing at my local theatre (10 mins walk)…YAY…Hopefully I'll be seeing that one on Sunday afternoon after the Roma game.

Watched a bit of the Davis Cup today...geez David Ferrer drives me crazy. Wins the first set, loses the second set in a tie break, loses the third set then comes back to win the thing. He couldn't just win easily for a change and stop stressing me out. Argentina vs Spain...argh, first soccer now tennis. My tennis heart belongs to Spain but really, every time I see Juan Monaco I have to reconsider. And then Feli comes along to seal the deal...sorry, I'm cheering for Spain in this one.
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