Proline + Davis Cup.

Yay...I won on Soccer Proline again. I would like to thank Udinese for that big victory over Inter and, for some bizarre reason, the huge odds they gave to Udinese. Ummm, folks who make the soccer odds, try looking at the tables...UDINESE = first place in Serie A; INTER = bottom ten. On second thought, just keep everything as is. Thanks again.

I have been enjoying watching Davis Cup tennis over these past two days...Argentina vs Spain in the final. I'd love to see these same two nations in the  World Cup Soccer Semi-Final circa 2014 (but not the Final since Uruguay will win the next World Cup...IT IS KNOWN...) Anyhow, yesterday was the Ferrer vs Del Potro five set classic. It was quite a nail-biter. Today was the doubles match and although my heart was with Feli & Fernando I knew the Argentines Nalbandian and Schwank would pull off the victory. To finish it out tomorrow is Rafa vs Del Potro and Ferrer vs Monaco. My prediction is that Spain will win the series but I'd love to see Monaco defeat Ferrer. I'll be split screening tennis with the Roma match tomorrow am. Should be fun.

One final thought re: Davis Cup, and the Spaniards...this from a female rather than a tennis perspective: I cannot find a finer specimen of the human male than Feliciano Lopez. If the world ever needs to be repopulated, please draw from his gene pool. I've been in his presence, merely two feet away from him, and he was/is completely breathtaking. Everything about him is sheer and utter visual perfection. *swoon* I normally don't care about that stuff but with him, it's actually distracting. Just sayin'
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If I played ProLine it would be made of Epic Fail! Congrats!

Everything about him is sheer and utter visual perfection. *swoon*

Back off missy that import is MINE!!! I had first dibs...and the hair is awesome....LMAO :D :D :D

I have enjoyed watching Davis cup too...it seems like forever since I've watched tennis. Yes Feli.....*ponders*.....*still ponders*....huh what? *sigh* I'm back. Vamos Spain tomorrow for the win!

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Feli is and always has been my 'friends with benefits' option...you know that, YOU KNOW THAT.

The Davis Cup finals were arguably one of the best sporting events I've watched this year and definitely the best tennis.