Sunday recap...

Sunday was a day of bests for 2011....

First off, Davis Cup ended exactly as predicted...a Spanish victory. It was pretty much the best sporting event I've seen this year - and definitely the best tennis in a year that was more or less dominated by Novak Djokovic (who is not exactly one of my favs). Bonus, the Ramos was in attendance in Sevilla and celebrating and cheering for Spain just like everyone else. Sweet.

Following the Davis Cup celebrations, I went to see Hugo. Arguably the best movie I've seen this year...with Xmen: First Class being a close second but not nearly in the same class as Hugo. I'd love to see The Night Circus made into a movie as I think it would have that same sort of grounded fantasy  with dreamy visuals ambiance that Hugo has.

The night concluded with a new episode of Once Upon a Time which revealed Prince James history...OK I am not an overtly 'romantic' person per se but really, this storyline is gushy goodness. I don't think I've been so drawn in by a couple since maybe Claire & Charlie or Penny & Desmond on Lost. That said, the best couple on tv these days is Danno and McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0...
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So was Hugo like Artificial Intelligence or Pinocchio or neither?

I missed Once Upon a time .... forgot...hope its on line...I know their goal is to tell each story individually and in the ends you have the whole story book story... but I don't think its for younger viewers per say.
The movie had some elements from A.I./Pinocchio but really that was only a tiny part of it...the whole story encompassed so much more.

Once Upon A Time is a bit like Lost, but in reverse. This time we already know what happened (well, the main part) so that element of the mystery is already eliminated. Now it's just up to the characters to figure out what is going on. It definitely isn't for younger children since the traditional fairy tales are turned upside down and given a modern slant.