Champions League results...NAPOLI!!!

Oooh the drama today with these games was unbelievable. If Napoli won, they made it through to the knockout round. If Napoli lost and Man City won, Napoli would be eliminated. It didn't bode well for Napoli after the first half. They played like crap but fortunately for them Villareal really couldn't put anything together. Meanwhile, Man City had scored and were on the verge of a victory over Bayern Munich. Napoli persisted and got the first goal...from Inler. I think the goalkeeper expected Inler to pass to Cavani but Inler took the shot...YAY. Hamsik sealed the victory with a second goal and Napoli are through to the next round :)

In other events, Real Madrid won. Ho hum...its starting to sound like a broken record. I guess they are so predictable now that none of my cable stations even bother covering their Champions League matches. Higuain did score a gorgeous highlight reel goal. Of course RM are through to the next round as well.

The drama didn't end there...not by a long shot. First in the Man U game, Basel defeated Man U to eliminate them from the tourney. Only two English teams, Chelsea and Arsenal, have survived to make it to the knockout stages. Arguably just as shocking was the Lyon victory where they managed to score the SEVEN goals they needed to meet the goal differential required to get them through to the next round. WOW!!

Knockout stages draw is on December 16...please be good to Napoli and Real Madrid. I want them in the CL final (wishful thinking on my part)
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It was a VERY dramatic last day, wasn't it? O_O
I am VERY happy for both Napoli and Benfica (another team I like).
And I can't believe both Manchester teams are out of the CL! (But that's okay with me.) :)

It will be of great interest to find out the groupings for the next stages. (And also the Europa League will be extremely interesting this year, seeing as it has quite a lot of major teams!)
I am also happy to see both the Manchester teams out. Too bad Tottenham wasn't in the Champions League...I'm pretty sure they would have fared better. A lot of representation from all over Europe in the Champions League this year. Good to see. Also there are now a plethora of quality teams vying it out in the Europa League. Must watch that as well.
Next year Tottenham should be in the CL...let's hope they can keep up their current great form. :)

The Europa League looks incredibly full of quality teams this year as well. This is so nice to see. :)