Getting ready for el clasico...

Uggh...having a difficult time making my proline pick this week...Barcelona? Real Madrid? Draw? On the one hand Barca HAS to win or, let's face it, they are toast in La Liga. But I'm certain Jose is thinking if Real win this one he can sit back, breeze through La Liga, and concentrate on Champions League. Not to mention, Real certainly do NOT want Barca to gloat over a victory in the Bernebau. And in favour of the draw it should be noted that the last two times Barca played in Madrid it ended in a draw. I'm pulling out hair here...HELP!!

I guess in order to best prepare for the upcoming Clasico maybe I should just concentrate on this:

(or just an excuse to get really drunk!!)
[edited from a compilation of similar posts on Tumblr]

  • the announcer(s) call Messi “The Best Player in the World.”
  • the announcer(s) call Ronaldo “The Best Player in the World.”
  • the announcer(s) call Barcelona FC “The Best Team in the World.”
  • the announcer(s) call Real Madrid "The Best Team in the World."
  • Real Madrid is referred to as “Mourinho’s Madrid.”
  • a Mourinho press conference is quoted.
  • you see Pep’s cardigan.
  • Jose Mourinho smiles.
  • Jose Mourinho takes notes in his black book.
  • Each time Mou/Pep is on screen making mad hand gestures.
  • Xabi puts his hands on his hips.
  • Pique derps.
  • Di Maria flops.
  • Busquets shows his 'acting skills'.
  • Villa is offside.
  • Benzema is offside.
  • Sergio Ramos gets carded.
  • Iker yells at someone.
  • Valdes leaves his box.
  • Cristiano throws a tantrum.
  • Messi throws a tantrum.
  • the referee cards someone from your team.
  • the Spain NT is mentioned.
  • Shakira is mentioned.
  • Mesut is referred to as “Avatar eyes.”
  • Xavi is referred to as “Chameleon eyes.”
  • Marcelo touches his hair.
  • Puyol touches his hair.
  • Cristiano takes a free kick.
  • the announcer(s) [read: Ray Hudson] enthusiastically utilize any one of the following terms: brilliant, magical, magisterial, genius, world-class, virtuoso.
  • the opposing team scores (it’s therapeutic)
  • your team scores (it’s celebratory!)

Yikes, if I followed those guidelines I would be required to have more drinks within the first half of the game than I have ever had in my entire lifetime...I'll be passed out before the second half starts. Scary thing is, I bet just about EVERY ONE of those things does occur within the first half of the game. 
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You probably have already placed your bet, but I think I would go with a tie...even though what I want is a RM win, if I were betting, I'd bet on a tie!

Then, because it's at the Bernabeu and Real Madrid's form is better than Barca's atm, I probably should feel guilty for not taking RM for the WIN! :(

That list for the drinking game is hilarious! I mean, Ray Hudson will probably be calling it, so #1 is going to cause many people to be well drunken sots before half-time!

I'd say the rest of the list is pretty darn accurate too! :)
I caved and took Barca...it was a best case scenario situation. I wanted Real Madrid to win but if they lost at least I had the proline ticket. I would have preferred the Real Madrid win though.
Good for you!!!! I would have felt awful if you had bet the way I would have. (Notice that I do NOT bet when I don't have a sure feeling, which I didn't.) ;)
Either way I honestly wish Real Madrid would have won this game. They started off so strong but they couldn't maintain it throughout the entire 90 minutes. What a shame. It didn't help that the pitch was in such bad shape after the rain. A lot of missteps and crazy deflections as a result. Oh well...I still have faith. I would not count them out just yet. We'll see how they fare in the Champions League draw later this week. I still have a feeling it's their year.
So do I! I'm quite sad they didn't win, but I think they just had a rare bad game, and unfortunately it was against Barca! I've just been listening to the post-match interview with Jose Mourinho, in which he said he thought they defended with some fear, probably because they remembered past clasico matches. I personally thought that CR7 had a bad game. I remember him making MUCH better free kicks when he was with Man Utd. But I don't think the game was going his way at all, in the sense that it was not played in his style. They were MUCH too defensive. And Jose said he didn't like the first goal because it was not made with any real working up by them, it was just from a lucky bounce. And that's the way the whole game went, IMO, with Barca being the luckiest in the end. :(