God lets a crap team win

Oh no, not again...

Really...really? *shakes head*

Dumbasses...they had that one. They really could have and should have won it. They played so brilliantly for the first twenty or so minutes and then wham, it all went downhill after that. I argue that Messi didn't get that second yellow card just because he was Messi. And just what did he say/do to the ref to warrant that first yellow card? Must have been pretty nasty. Shocking that there were no red cards and hardly any major skirmishes in this game. I'm kind of upset that Jose pulled Ozil when he did. The kid was playing fantastic (like always) and it just seemed the wrong time to take him off the pitch. MEH. No use crying over spilled milk. As of right now Barca is in first place. We'll see if that holds up till the end of May but I sincerely hope and pray it doesn't.

I'm so sad that Higuain didn't get to celebrate his birthday in true fashion - with a goal and a Real Madrid victory :(
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When Kaka is on the pitch either he has an amazing game or he does absolutely nothing. Ozil has been a far superior midfielder IMO.

I'm starting to dread the Clasicos more than enjoy them as well.