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No, not the huntsman...:(

Gahhh! The latest episode of Once Upon a Time was devastating.

[spoilers ahead]

Did they really have to kill off Graham/the Huntsman? I was waiting all season for his backstory. It was only mere seconds before his demise when I recalled that I had read a minor character was going to die so it still came as a shocker to me. Noooooo! WHY HIM? He was adorable. What a shame. On the bright side, this was a fantastic episode for plot development  - both in original Fairy Tale backstory world and in modern Storybrook. Clearly Regina does remember everything...I wasn't so sure there for a while. To tide you over, here is a preview for next week's episode...

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I had read about someone dying but had some hopes. It was an excellent episode, too bad they killed him.
Oh yes, Regina always knew all, she was the Queen in there and nobody dared to contradicted her. Until Henry and Emma.
But I guess his death will trigger a lot of events, like Emma believing in the tales now and Mary Margaret remembering something maybe.
I just hope we can see him in some flashbacks, though the Huntsman story was already shown.
Not that IMDB holds much bearing but they list him as being in 22 episodes so I am counting on him showing up in flashbacks.

I really can't wait till Mary Margaret starts to remember.
I wish they hadn't killed him off either...shame. And there's a huntsman in Red Riding Hood so it's not as if his character was just for the snow white storyline....don't see the point really but these are the Lost writers and a lot of the stuff they wrote for that didn't make a lot of sense either lol. We have to see him in flashbacks as he was prominent character for that "time period" compared to modern Storybrook. I am hoping Emma because of his death decides to take things more seriously and goes back to the crypt and actually finds the secret room!!!

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Emma finding the secret room would be cool but I doubt that would happen any time soon. I wonder how much attention she will pay to what Henry says now though...maybe she'll be take even more interest in what he has to say.
Sad the Huntsman died, wonder also who's other hearts the Queen has that she can just crush if they start to remember. Was a slow start to the series but this episode looks like it will start a whole chain of events....getting good now.
The fact that the Queen can do that at any time means no one is safe from elimination (at least from the writers' perspective.

It is getting good now. I really thought this series was going to be lame and it has turned out to be quite enjoyable.