It's Merlin Day

Happy SPACE-mas

The Space Channel gave me my Christmas present today with the following news regarding its 12 Days of SPACE-mas programming:

"On the seventh and eighth days of SPACE-Mas, Merlin casts a spell… on our hearts.  If you haven’t caught up with everyone’s other favourite wizard (sorry Gandalf) December 28th and 29th will be stuffed to the brim with Seasons 1 and 2 of the beloved BBC series.  Since Season 4 starts up on January 7th, we wanted to give fans a chance to truly catch up.  If you missed any of Season 3 it will be airing all day leading up to the new episode at 8pm ET."


To anyone who knows me or anyone reading this blog, please be aware that I will be completely AWOL during those above-noted dates. I have already blocked them off in my calendar. Yes, I've already watched the first three seasons but really how could I turn down a big old marathon for the Holidays and a very happy New Year season on January 7th. Thank you to The SPACE Channel for making my Christmas wishes come true :) Now if you'd also be so kind as to send me an advance copy of the Season 3 dvds that are scheduled to be released on January 17 it would be much appreciated...
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