Chi Energy Facial

Went to my fav spa (Pure + Simple) to enjoy a Chi facial. My skin is in pretty decent shape but I try to get facials at least 3-4x a year with the changing seasons just for an extra boost. How shall I describe the Chi facial....well perhaps the best description can be found on the P+S website as follows:

The Chi Energy Facial merges the Pure + simple Facial with the
detoxification element of Chi Stomach Massage (officially known as Chi
Nei Tsang). This 75-minute holistic facial focuses on alleviating acne,
increasing skin hydration and calming skin. Integrated into the facial
is a 15-20 minute stomach massage where organ reflexology points in the
abdomen are massaged to stimulate circulation and detoxification which
in turn will promote better health and better skin.

The actual facial itself was pretty standard - cleanse, scrub, extractions, mask, know the drill. The organ reflexology/stomach massage was the highlight of this facial. I was relieved to find out that I did not have any major blockages of energy to my organs. The only area where there was any true sensitivity/pain was the stomach reflex point itself. My aesthetician demonstrated how I could continue practicing the stomach massage at home and I intend to do this 2-3x week as per her recommendation. It was a very thorough facial in that I not only felt incredibly relaxed and rested afterwards but also rejuvenated and full of energy. Thanks to P+S as always for yet another great facial. I plan on returning again maybe in March or April for the IPL Facial which I purchased at half price when I attended the Whole Life Expo in November. Should be fun. 
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I really liked the facial too but still prefer the Nirvana facial best because of the mini body massage part of course!
I like this one but I think I prefer the Lymphomaniac one. Although truthfully I think I prefer the plain old Urban Renewal for a just regular facial without any fringe treatments. I'm curious to see how the IPL facial will work. I'll let you know all about it aftewards.