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8 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Travel Goals...

Getting extremely slow at work now...maybe about 10 legit emails max/day. Therefore I can spend my days concentrating on far more  important planning a future vacation. Barring a lottery win it is most likely I won't be going away anywhere major (by major I mean further than a 1 hour plane flight) within the next few months. That said, I've stumbled across a fantastic article about achieving your vacation dreams: 8 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Travel Goals. As you are likely aware I am an organizer extraordinaire (which may or may not be a good thing) but surprisingly this article genuinely has some great ideas I plan on implementing. Of course my next vacation will pretty much rely on what is to be my future job and when that job starts. If it happens quickly I will have a major chunk of savings that can be directed towards a future vacation. That would be the ideal scenario. In the meantime, I'll just plan away for that vacation...something I have so much experience in doing for the past ten years.

P.S. Uruguay + Argentina along with northern Italy are the top priority of recent.
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Will do...I'm hoping if I get the job I want in the new year to make some contacts in South America which may assist in those future travel plans :)
The South American trip you showed me in that new brochure you picked up yesterday was fabulous - it went so many placed I want to I just have to save $$$ cuz it'd be awesome to go next Christmas (though Egypt 2012 is still high on my list the unrest in that country isn't).
I like that tour as well just because it actually went to Montevideo but it was kind of overpriced...I wish they stayed longer in some of the major cities and I wished they travelled to more places in Peru and into Patagonia but still it is the best all round South American tour i've seen.

I'd love to go next Christmas but it is all too early to plan that given the job situation. I just would love to be somewhere next year between Christmas and New Year.
Vancouver? Ottawa?

We can always go back to South America to the places we really like after....just like we planned for Italy.

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I don't know about Vancouver or Ottawa. Ottawa would be nice but likely freezing. Vancouver might be okay but probably expensive. Between Christmas and New Year...I'd say New York but it would likely be too packed then. Think of Times Square New Year's Eve. Total chaos. New Orleans is totally Halloween for me so that's out. Usually the weather is still pretty decent here and I'm not craving sunshine so I'll rule out Costa Rica. I still don't know. Paris is always good and the Champs Elysees and Versailles at Christmas must be amazing. Ditto for the Christmas markets in Austria. Those are tempting. Can't we just win the lottery and go to Australia? That would be simplest.
Ohhhhhh hope its possible you can photo copy that article ...I want to go to New York and hummmm this article may get me their faster if no option for copy can I borrow the book will photo and return to you..
I can print it out for you and give it to you on Sunday. If you are going to New York, which you should do because it is an amazing city to visit, you should plan on going for 4-5 days for your first trip. That would give you just enough time to see most of the things worth seeing. You should budget about 2000 for a 4-5 night stay for airfare and a good hotel (it's cheaper if you travel with companions...*hint*) Estimate about $75/day for food (but you could still go way cheaper than that if you need to) and then budget for any plays, museums or sites you want to visit. You can also include a taxi budget but really you can walk to most places in Manhattan. I've never tried their subway but it should be decent enough to use if required. That is pretty much all you, a passport and you are good to go. It's about a 2 hr flight. Call me when you are ready.