Hobbits and fluffy hair...

Staff Christmas lunch today. It was great to see everyone again. As shocking as it may sound I actually missed the gang. But alas, the luncheon did keep me away from the Napoli game. I wait all season to see them massacre a team. They finally win 6-1 and I miss the game...:(

The big news in my inbox today was trailers and previews...first up, the one EVERYONE wants to see...The Hobbit

I shamefully admit I have yet to read The Hobbit so it looks like I have just under a year to complete that task. Hmm, perhaps a reread of the entire Lord of the Rings is in order. Tolkien available on Kobo? I must check that....In addition to the good ole boys from the trilogy (McKellan, Holm, Wood, Bloom, Weaving, etc.) we can add Richard Armitage to the entourage...*nods approvingly*.

But MORE IMPORTANT well at least for me it was is the season two preview of The Borgias...

Holy crap on a cracker!!! What is with the fluffy hair this season?? Chez, Juan?? Did they suddenly get voluminizing styling products in the 15th century? Perhaps it was something Leo dV whimsically whipped up for them in his spare time...
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omgs what is with the hair for the Borgias? Juan's looks totally fake but Chez's looks like his own he tried to grow for the part....fluffy is an understatement LMAO

We have to wait a year for the Hobbit....whoa. We need to have a LOTR marathon soon. I miss Middle Earth!
Juan's hair may look awful but it is still an improvement from that crap-ass thing he had last season.

LOTR marathon...I'm on it...:)
the hell is with the hairs?!!
but oh my...cesare! HOT! I guess Juan will be around this season until he pisses Cesare off
I kept wondering if Juan would make it through this season. I think he just might. I actually like tv Juan. Real Juan was a total jerk but tv Juan is at least funny dorky so I can't hate him.

Cesare is the epitome of yummy!!