Christmas and Hair...

Christmas passed by reasonably well...the annual family get together at niviene's dad's place was a full house and it was actually nice to see everyone again. Another year, another Christmas...all I kept thinking is how much I wish I could be on the beach in Montevideo...or somewhere in Buenos Aires, enjoying asado and a tango show. 

Ahhah, But I did get some form of entertainment on Christmas Eve. I attended a performance of my SECOND favourite musical of all time: HAIR!... 'cause nothing screams the Holidays like tie dye. I think I should put it on my life-to-do list that I want to see this play on Broadway... (the first fav musical of course should be seen on the London stage, just to be different). Although this production of Hair wasn't as good as the original one I attended about three years ago it was still enjoyable. Hair is such a unique play in that it is so whimsical and frivolous, full of colour and pageantry, but yet by the time you reach the conclusion (which just happens to coincide with my favourite song of the play, The Flesh Failures) I always find myself weeping for the tragedy it showcases. Cast was good, not great, with a few notable exceptions...Claude's part was played by the understudy who was so perfect in the role it left me thinking if this guy was the understudy how good was the 'original'??? (Shades of Jesus Christ Superstar circa six years ago when understudy Judas absolutely kicked ass). Other worthy standouts in this production were the girls who played Sheila and Jeanie. I guess one of the biggest drawbacks of the version was that they focused too much on group performance of what I considered more 'solo' songs. In Donna, Going Down and most especially I Got Life poor Berger and Claude were drowned out by the Tribe and seemed almost like background performers in what are meant to be some of their feature songs...:( Oh well, still loved the play and did I mention the clothes? When this production finishes touring if they would like to sell off some of those costumes please let me know...there were at least two tops and one pair of jeans I would love to have in my wardrobe. And two thumbs up for Claude's wig...why oh why couldn't that be his real hair??? It was so perfect. Ah, the sixties...good times, good times...well, for the most part...LOL
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Oh gosh, I'll never forget seeing HAIR. What a wonderful musical. :)