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The Winds of Winter..

OMG...a Christmas present to all ASOIAF fans from GRRM...he posted a chapter from The Winds of Winter on his website. So does that mean we can expect to read the entire book sometime within the next decade two years???

(some mild spoilers ahead...)
So Stannis, Theon, Asha, and Jeyne are clearly alive and well, okay, maybe not 'well' in some cases per se but yay they are still around....for now...Amazing how when I started reading this series I never really liked Stannis, now I'm kind of cheering for the old guy. And really, Theon Greyjoy has pretty much went from being one of my least favourite to one of my most favourite character....never saw that coming. The guy dominated A Dance with Dragons - I can't imagine anyone reading that book and NOT sympathizing with poor Theon. Truly at this stage I would still say that Jaime is my favourite since GRRM completely destroyed Tyrion IMO (Tyrion should sue him for character defamation after A Dance with Dragons) and Jon Snow has somewhat mellowed out as he ages. Jaime was another one I despised in the first book but by the end of the third book I was weeping for the man praying that GRRM wouldn't off him...(which I still sadly suspect will happen). It's so funny how your opinions of characters evolve so much as series progress. I keep laughing at all these people new to the series who watched HBO season one and reacted so violently to Joffrey Lannister saying how evil he was. Oh boy, what newbs. Stick around for Walder Frey and then, once you are convinced there could be no worse wait till Ramsay Bolton shows up. Ramsay makes Joffrey look like a saint. I can't even think of the name Ramsay without shuddering and cringing. Geez, it is getting close to that time when I will need to reread A Clash of Kings to refresh my memory....only a few more months till the new HBO season. Woohoo!!
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ROTFL at your icon. so true. LOL
I don´t think I can sympathize with Theon at all. Even if he then saves the day and regrets having tried to kill Bran and Rickon. I´ve already read what happened to him at the Bastard´s (yes, I´d call him that to his face LOL) hands.
And Stannis...he annoys me and I just read A Clash of Kings, si I bet he will annoy me more. Same as Cat.
Started Storm of Swords today. will try to finish it quickly. I need to know more!!
Storm of Swords is the best of the series IMO. Don't try to rush it...savour it because it doesn't get any better in books four and five. Get ready for some huge shockers. The last 10-12 chapters are absolutely brilliant.

Aww, poor Theon. I felt to bad for him in A Dance with Dragons I wanted nothing more than to see him free and safe and eventually get his revenge on Ramsay. He couldn't have lived/survived all that has happened and was done to him unless his character has a higher purpose in this series. At least I'd like to think that is the case. Truthfully Asha is the best of the Greyjoys, is known.

Isn't Cat so annoying? I never liked her character from the minute she told Jon that she wished it was him instead of Bran (re: the 'accident'). Who says that to a 14 year old? I don't care what the circumstances are, there is no excuse. And she gets more annoying as the series progresses. Uggh.
I haven't read the excerpt yet (I was waiting until I had time to truly savour it) but I am so glad the characters you mentioned are all still alive. GRRM has such an amazing talent. The way he manages to give you such insight into his characters and manage to reverse how you feel about certain people is incredible. Characters such as Jaime, Sansa, Tyrion, Cat, Theon, Stannis, Melisandre and possibly a few others are so complicated that they keep developing as the story progresses. All the above have been difficult to love/like/sympathize with along the way, and I am keeping my opinions of them in reserve until the end! I still love Jon, though. I can feel that GRRM is nowhere near being done with him yet! ;)

You are so right about the evil characters...Joffrey was bad, but Walder Frey and Ramsay Bolton are so much worse. I still cringe when I write/type those names! :(

I've made it a goal to try and finish all five books for the second time before the new HBO season begins.

A big 'Hah!' to all those newbs who were shocked by Ned's death at the end of AGoT. :)

A word or two about GRRM (have you friended him on LJ?). I wish this guy would just let go of his New York football teams and stop angsting about how bad they're doing, and just GET BACK TO WRITING ASOIAF already! :/ And quit going to ALL the comic cons and other festivals and wasting time...I am NOT getting any younger (and neither is HE). :(
GRRM drives me crazy!! I have friended him or at least I follow him, I can't remember I'll have to check, but I agree wholeheartedly with what you have to say in regards to his prioirities. Every time he posts about this or that, whether football or promo work, I swear I want to yell at him to get back to work. I do not want to wait another half decade for the next book. Sometimes I think he is just stalling because he really doesn't know how it is going to end. So many people expect that grandiose conclusion that will please all and yet I think at the same time we also realize that will be virtually impossible to achieve. He once made a comment about not wanting to pull a "LOST" so I imagine he does feels the pressure. I'll cut him a bit of a break for that reason...but in all honesty I expect the new book out for 2013. There is no excuse to drag it out any longer than that. If the HBO series continues past book three and if GRRM doesn't stay on schedule, the series may eventually 'catch up' to the novels. Eeek, actually now that I think about it, maybe that has been the plan all along. Kind of difficult thought when you are working with so many kids. For example, Arya's character doesn't age much from book one to book five - however, filming for five seasons an average of one book per season equates to five human years for the teenage actress to age in between all those seasons of filming. Maisie would therefore be playing young teen Arya when she is actually in her twenties O_O That would certainly change the dynamics of the novels...and would definitely require some serious revisions by the screenwriters.

Good idea rereading the novels before the series. I did that last season. It worked well since it also coincided with the release of the fifth novel. My plan is just to reread the second novel this time around. If and when book six is released I'll likely do a full reread of the series prior to its release date. It's amazing how many little things you pick up in the rereads and how again your thoughts towards these characters change. I hated, loathed and despised Sansa in my first read through. Now she is one of my favs and I am expecting big things for her by the end of the series. Jon is one of the few characters who has remain steadfast throughout - I've always liked him, sometimes more than other, but I have never disliked him. I too expect GRRM has a great finale planned for Jon Snow.
I sure hope GRRM knows how the series is going to end! But whenever I go to 'Tower of the Hand' or other fansites, I'm always reading different theories on what will happen at the end. Most readers seem to think that there will be a rider for each of the 3 dragons, and there are different theories as to who they'll be. However, I think that if the actual ending GRRM had in mind is widely believed to be a possibility, there is nothing to stop him from changing his mind and ending the story differently, unless that would be too difficult to do if he couldn't tie up the loose ends. However, I think that there is no way we should assume that there will be 3 dragons alive at the end. It's quite possible that one of them could die, or even two of them. There have been clues to this effect already. ;) I think the most interesting thing is to try to figure out which characters will be alive at the end, and who will be the supreme ruler.

In the last two books, I lamented the lack of enough 'Jon Snow'. But I believe this could be because he will loom large in the final book(s). Like you, I believe that Jaime could die, however, I hope that Brienne will save him somehow. She could die. So could Arya, IMO. Do you believe that Bran is already 'dead'? I have no idea what will happen to Theon. Will he die or will GRRM do the unimaginable, and have him be the final ruler of the Seven Kingdoms in the end? Or Asha? At this point I would think that Asha will live and Theon will die, but what if the reverse happens?

There are so many fascinating possibilities.

I think you are right about the children in the series getting older. But with Maisie Williams 'changing' so much, her growth could be hidden by makeup and special costumes.

Whatever happens, though, I hope that GRRM will get back to work SOON on the books! Thank god the NFL season is winding down so he will have fewer distractions. And thank god both New York teams are doing poorly, so there is less chance they will make the playoffs and prolong his writing any further! :(
I've ready so many theories on how people believe this series will end - especially the 3 dragon theory. I don't know what to believe or think anymore except that I will admit I'm getting paranoid about liking anyone too much. I don't want to be disappointed if they don't get the happy ending I would so want for them. Bran is one of those characters...I don't want him to be 'dead'. Aside from the prologue, the series started with Bran and I would like it to end with Bran as well. I also hope Theon survives to make his amends but I truly believe Asha will lead the Greyjoys when the series concludes.

In regards to Arya's aging, I don't think it would be that detrimental to her storyline if she does age. It would make sense that the training she later undertakes would age her both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately I suspect GRRM will always have another excuse to slow him down with his writing. I've heard that the series will start filming again in May so he'll likely want to be involved again with that project. Between now and May, who knows?
I agree with you about Arya...because of what she will be going through in the series, Maisie's aging should not be detrimental. I don't know what to think about Bran... :(((((

OMG, have you read GRRM's latest post about which people of Westeros would support which NFL teams? It's both brilliant and exasperating...the NFL season cannot end too soon, as far as I am concerned! :(
I just read the post...normally I love stuff like that but really I want him to GET BACK TO WRITING THE WINDS OF WINTER and forget about this stuff already. When is the Superbowl? The sooner it is over the better. Good thing he doesn't watch soccer!