The astrological year ahead...

For my fellow Virgos out there, here is a forecast for the year 2012...


In the past few years, you have survived some of the most challenging and demanding times. Hence, the year 2012 may not seem as difficult and taxing as the years gone by. As 2012 begins, you are all pumped up to welcome the new year, and your enthusiasm and vigour shall be unmatchable. The finances, too, look promising, especially during the second half of the year. Finance, children, love, romance, health, foreign travel, communication and intellectual interests are likely to remain the core areas of your interest this year.

Home and domestic life
After lot of struggle and difficult times, you may have realised the importance of the family. This will help you to build a good rapport with the young and old alike. Conflicts or misunderstandings if any, are likely to come to the surface, thus giving you a chance to sort them out. You may observe that your family members are developing a keen interest in subjects like spirituality and philosophy. Religious activities at home are likely to keep the home environment harmonious and peaceful. Your status shall improve.

Love life
After going through troughs and crests, your love life seem to be returning to normal. And you are likely to be more than comfortable and content with the stability, this year. Also, your planets suggest a more peaceful and smoother social life. If you are single, expect infatuations, romance, love and relationship. There are chances of serious commitment as well, if in a relationship; you may even consider tying the knot with your beloved.

Your blooming love life may have a direct impact on your health. This may result into a glowing and resplendent you! Well, the credit also goes to your interest and awareness about health, fitness and balanced diet. However, pay good attention to your musculoskeletal system during the year. In case, if you suffer from any disorder, yoga, meditation or spiritual healing can work wonders. But, consult your doctor before opting for any treatment or therapy.

Career And finance
Your financial position is likely to improve this year, and now, you will be able to deal with monetary problems in a better way. However, plan your investments and expenses in advance, to avoid any financial crunch towards the end of the year. At work, you will be able to cope up with the pressure. However, the results of the efforts you put in throughout the year, will be realised only during the last quarter of the year. As they say, “the fruits of patience are sweeter!”, so have faith and carry on.

There may be unusual and unexpected twists and turns this year. But, don't get disappointed, and try to go with the flow. Avoid being a perfectionist as far as your relationship is concerned. Give some time to it, as compatibility comes with time. If the situations are going beyond your control, the best is to leave it to your fate, destiny and the power of planets.

In sum, for what it's worth it looks like a better year than the last few but nothing major to be excited about.

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Well, those predictions are quite interesting. We'll see what happens. ;)