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The HR recruiter from the site of what I hope will be the location of my future employment which shall not be named here as yet contacted me with a job posting that I can only assume he thinks I am capable of filling. A manager position to boot. So I replied and we’ll see how it goes. I kind of hoped I wouldn’t start my new job until mid April but hey, if it’s destiny then who am I to argue.

In other news I received a random call from a research group asking me if I wanted to participate in a 1 ½ hr survey group discussing Rogers Cable. And they plan on paying me $100 for this little endeavour. Get paid to give my opinion about television…oh hell ya!! You know I’ll find a way to work in my request for more HD soccer and at the very least HD SPACE. I don’t understand how we can live in this great age of technology,  an era wherein they can offer us literally hundreds if not thousands of stations, why can they not provide us the HD versions of EVERY station they offer if that station does broadcast in HD?? I’m specifically thinking of GOLTV, FSC and, of course, SPACE. Even more obvious - if a show is actually aired in HD and is alsooffered for viewing again 'on demand' it should be offered in HD format 'on demand' as well. Why can't they offer these services??? One of the great mysteries of life...
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Yes! You go! I hope you can convince them to have the stations you mentioned offered in HD. It would be awesome to watch GOLTV, for instance, in better quality. (Although I always find the Colombian matches to be filmed more superbly than most.) ;)
I normally just 'zoom' the regular channel so it looks like its in HD...but when they play in the Bernebeu the feed is so terrible I normally wind up just going back to regular mode.
Ya I hope you get it...I know how much you want to work there.