Merlin - Season 3, Episode 1

I’m so happy to have Merlin back for another season!!!!

First thing worth noting is that "the destiny of a great kingdom" no longer "rests on the shoulders of a young boy". Merlin has finally graduated to become a ‘young man’ according to the title sequence. Thank the gods because that voiceover intro really got on my nerves. Made me wonder whether the ‘young boy’ in question was really Mordred since Mordred is, in fact, a ‘young boy’ not a twenty-something-year-old.

Nice to see all the knights back and fully functioning as a team already…in less than a year. Impressive. But really, Agravaine? I can’t believe that Arthur would so quickly and easily trust an uncle that never bothered to visit or care prior to Uther going wackadoodle. I don't recall them mentioning that Arthur sent word  requesting Agravaine's assistance. I would assume Arthur would have to have some doubts about Agravaine randomly showing up right when Arthur needs an advisor. Seems a little sketch to me and Arthur isn't that stupid. Wait, did I just say that? o_O

Why the heck is Gwen still a ‘servant’? It’s been a year. You would think that given the situation/relationship with her and Arthur she would no longer be a ‘servant’. What exactly is Gwen's role in the castle? She worked for Morgana but with Morgana long since departed what exactly does Gwen do? On second thought, don't answer that. 

I was so upset that they killed off Morgause…she was the only female character I truly liked on that show. For lack of a better word, she was so fierce. It’s not like I didn’t see Morgause's death coming though especially since Morgana has pretty much come into her full powers and doesn’t need Morgause to hold her hand. Oh well…maybe some  flashbacks or mystical transcendences in the future. Hey, they did it with Freya so why not?

Slightly distracting is Ser Percival’s armour…or rather, his chainmail. Really?? No sleeves…I can only assume that was the original Rafael Nadal wear, sported by medieval knights with great guns??? Meh…I still prefer Ser Leon. (FYI I blame A Game of Thrones for always spelling knights as SER now instead of SIR…it looks so much prettier in print)

Favourite Quote: The prophecy delivered to Morgana - “The one they call Emrys will walk in your shadow. He is your destiny and your doom” So deliciously ominous...cue the foreboding music...dum dum dum...

I’m not so pleased that the season premiere ended with a cliffhanger and turned out to be part one of a two part episode. Of course Merlin will not die since clearly there would be no show without him and the season is only just beginning so I’m not too worried about him. Although I do already know of some upcoming character deaths that will follow in the next two weeks and I am not looking forward to those moments.  Ah well, like I suggested about Morgause, no one is ever REALLY dead on these shows…they can always return in some form. OOOH so there is still hope for Cenred???  OK so maybe I’m pushing it with that last one *crosses fingers anyway*
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I really like this show...it could grow on me.

I knew about the weekend marathon on the Space channel, but only managed to catch two episodes - one early and one late! :(((

But I really want to get the DVDs and watch it when I am able to. :)
Good plan to get the DVDS...it is a cute series. Nothing serious about it, no thinking required, but for some reason I just love it.
Today we were in a shopping plaza that had a Future Shop, so we went in and I looked for Merlin on DVD, but alas, their shelves looked a bit bare. I noticed a couple of trolleys with new DVDs on them that the staff were about to put on the shelves. I found a set of The Borgias!!! But didn't buy it because it was $49.99 and I felt I could buy it cheaper online. :)