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First books of the new year...

Finished reading Kiss of Fire. I didn't really enjoy the first two books in this series but the characters are starting to grow on me...especially Daphne (someone I would NEVER expect to like). Perhaps I'm just getting used to the simplicity of the series...There really isn't that much to it. You just read and enjoy. The series is pretty decent if you can get over the teen romance/angst portion and the non-stop recapping. I understand the need to review a bit of the events from the previous two books and especially for those who are new to the series but I would estimate about 25% of the book is recapping and rehashing previous events from not only the previous two books but from this third book as well. I guess it's helpful if you forget things along the way but really, there isn't that much to forget. Still, it was cute, fun and light and a great break from the more serious novels I have read of late. As for the mythology portion, it wasn't quite as enjoyable as Percy Jackson which is why I have turned back to Rick Riordan for my next selection, The Lost Hero.
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