Merlin - Season 3, Episode 2

Second half of the season three premiere....

Well of course I knew Merlin wasn't dead. But it was truly enjoyable to see just how much everyone (Arthur, the knights) cared for him during his brush with death. I loved all the scenes with Merlin and Lancelot and enjoyed that Lance was able to meet the dragon. However, all of those Merlin/Lance scenes were so very bittersweet as I was spoiled long ago by Tumblr for what lay ahead at the conclusion of this episode. I'm not complaining though...if I didn't know ahead of time I would have been (a) a puddle of mush by the end of the episode and (b) yelling at the tv asking "why? why?" (...and I don't even like Lance that much...). Mark my words...Lance will be back. .

I guess now would be a good time to complain about Gwaine. No complaints about Gwaine really - but just what the heck are the writers doing with his character? I don't think Gwaine should be the comic relief on the show and I hope that is not the route they are going to take. When Gwaine was introduced to us last season he was a "charming rogue"...the guy everyone wants to have as their buddy and the guy every girl thinks is adorable. He was brave, strong, reasonably intelligent with a quick wit and a great sense of humour...but he was NEVER comic relief. From what I can see of this season, first the socks episode and then the bees incident...I don't like what the writers have done with his character. This is not Gwaine. Please fix pronto...

Favourite Quote from this episode:
Ser Leon: Your quiet
Arthur: That's what happens after three days of listening to Gwaine...(LOL)

Prettiest Scene: When Merlin and Lance camp beside the river inhabited by the Villea, the good spirits that helped Merlin to heal

Oddest Scene: the gondola ride to the Isle of the Blessed...looked just like a ride out of Disneyland

Best Bromance moment: the knights' group hug when a fully recovered Merlin returns...but of course Arthur just COULDN'T hug Merlin, LOL
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