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The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes have come and went. My thoughts:

Ricky Gervais was pretty tame...only a couple of naughty jokes and that was it. I'm not a fan of his but I have to say that he was robbed -  I believe they cut back on his hosting duties and that setback was actually detrimental to the show. They really needed him to spice it up a little.

The best, most satisfying award of the night for me was Christopher Plummer's best supporting actor win. I didn't see the movie but he is a fantastic actor and deserves all the accolades. What a great speech as well. I love it when he thanked his wife by saying "[Her] bravery and beauty haunt me still." Perfection. Runner Up: the the Cecil B. DeMille Award winning Morgan Freeman

All the dresses were pretty decent...I'd argue that only Sarah Michelle-Geller and Piper Perabo made questionable choices but, to be fair, those dresses weren't hideous. My favourites on the night were Sophia Vergara (I loved the colour and the simplicity but pass on the bottom third of that dress - too much of a fanned tail for me) and Rooney Mara (I could see me wearing that dress). Best dressed though was....Octavia Spencer. Why? Because the dress was colourful, fit her like a glove and made her look spectacular. It doesn't take much to make Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman look good but really I think Octavia Spencer blew them all away. I'm happy she won the supporting actress award - she really was the best part of The Help IMO.

While the dresses were mostly favourable I can't say the same for the hair. What was up with the bad hairdos?? So much poof...so much harsh styling and silly hairbands. The worst of the worst was Jessica Chastain with her heavy hairsprayed 80s poof that could have easily survived Level 5 tornado winds.

Let's call it what it was...the three hour George Clooney love-in. He monopolized the show...I don't LOVE George Clooney, I do like him though - he is entertaining, talented and highly intelligent (if we grade on the Hollywood intelligence curve, that is) and if he wasn't around the Golden Globes would have been a total dud this year. His taste in women however leaves something to be desired. I guess he is one of those "show, don't tell" types. Love the Brad/George bromance...arguably the highlight of the night. I was a little upset that George won best actor though. I was honestly pulling for Leo to win...poor guy NEVER wins anything. And now for that moment, George's acceptance speech...

Yes, my mind drifted but alas not to where it should have drifted... my first thought "oh Gods I can't believe he just said that"...my second though "gee, George, so Michael's taking over the frontal nudity responsibility from you? When did you ever do frontal nudity?" *sigh* *fail* *facepalm*

And for the record I watched every red carpet show that was on and NOT ONE SECOND of time was devoted to Michael Fassbender or Emily Blunt. SHAME I was really looking forward to that accent. Oh well...maybe the SAGS?? Maybe the Oscars??? Is there any way we can get McAvoy to show up while we're at it??
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