Amazons and more...

Me: *opens mailbox* YAY!!! *physically jumps for joy upon receiving Amazon.ca order*

So I now have the Season 3 Merlin dvds in my possession. I'll likely procrastinate and watch these next week when I have zero work to do. It is so slow now but I have a few small projects for this week that will keep me busy. Next week I'll be twiddling my thumbs so I think a Merlin audiotrack marathon of Season 3 will be a welcome reprieve.

Speaking of Amazon, I can't help but laugh now every time I think of "Amazon" thanks to Rick Riordan. So Amazon is really the new North American headquarters for the Amazons. That is  priceless!! The latest Rick Riordan novel in the Heroes of Olympus series, The Son of Neptune, is so, so good. I'm finding it difficult to ready slowly...I don't want it to end. My precious Nico is back. And the first third of the novel was set in the Roman camp. Gosh, why couldn't such a camp truly exist? I would have lived there in a heartbeat. That said, I miss the characters introduced in the first novel, The Lost Hero. Can't wait for the third novel...I assume that novel will combine the characters from the first and second novels. I've also read that they will be making the second novel in the Percy Jackson series, The Sea of Monsters, into a feature film...YAY. I love Percy. I only wish these novels existed when I was a kid. All children should read Rick Riordan's series - he is a great author.

Couple of interesting news bits: A Game of Thrones season two will premiere on April Fool's Day while The Borgias season two will premiere a week later on April 8. They will again air back to back here in Canada 9 for GoT and 10 for The Borgias. Add Once Upon A Time into the mix at 8 PM and I basically have the perfect television evening. Thanks to the TV gods for that!!
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Oh hope you will update on the Game Of Thrones, I may forget by time April arrives.
HBO is going to rebroadcast the first season of series so you can catch up but I can always give you a quick 911 refresher before the new season. It'll give me something to do at the end of March :)