Random musings on a rainy Monday...

Going a little stir crazy right now. Due to various appointments and requirements I have not been able to watch the latest episode of Merlin and I won't get a chance to see it until Tuesday night. ACK the withdrawal is painful!!

Also for this Tuesday the power will be out in my building for a major chunk of the morning and early afternoon thus rendering my work day futile. I've decided to take the opportunity to go to see a movie instead of twiddling my thumbs at home during the imposed blackout. Since I'll be seeing seeing Haywire next weekend, gods willing,  I've decided  A Dangerous Method is on the agenda - it's the less painful of the two other Fassbender movies out right now. I wouldn't be caught dead in a theatre, alone, watching Shame...LOL

I finished The Girl Who Played with Fire. Although I liked the first novel better (better overall story), the second novel was still quite good. However, they could have cut the first half of that book by about 50% without any true ramifications. The second half of the novel was far superior to the first half and the author did a great job building up suspense by taking the lead character out of picture at the crucial point of the novel. Again, I found the ending somewhat predictable...but still enjoyable. Am reading the the third and final novel in the series now. Barring any major interruptions I expect to finish it by the end of this weekend.

WTF? Napoli...you can't beat Siena? Do you actually have any desire whatsoever to make Champions League next season? Just curious, since you certainly aren't acting like it. Oh well, I suppose if you win the CL this season not bloody likely that is some reprieve. Good luck with that.
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