Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Predictions for the Year of the (Water) Dragon:

It is for good reason that astrologers have been waiting for the Year of the Water Dragon with much anticipation. This year’s element, Water, is in harmony with the Dragon’s fixed element, Wood, nourishing it and allowing it to bring countless opportunities for growth and expansion. For the past 17 years, the fixed elements of the animal signs have clashed with the years’ elements, thereby bringing destructive consequences. We can now relax and enjoy the benefits of an exciting, fortune-clad year that will bring luck to most of us.

The Dragon is the symbol of power and good fortune in Chinese astrology. Unlike the other earthly animal signs, it is the only mythical animal and its zodiac sign is considered special. We can expect 2012 to be no ordinary year. It will be an exciting and action-driven period marked by major initiatives and progress.

The Year of the Dragon is known to bring the Four Blessings of the East – wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity. Opportunities will abound throughout the year and they must be seized as they come. As the Chinese say, “Better do it than miss it.” But together with the grand developments and events that we expect this year, there will also be major crashes and failures for those who do not augur well with the elements.

In business, there will be brisk developments with plenty of opportunities for growth. Major economic incentives will be launched to stimulate investments and industries. Favorable areas for growth this year are agriculture, real estate, building and infrastructure development, transportation, creative industry and information communication technology. As a general practice, starting a new business will be favorable during the Year of the Water Dragon.

The field of science will also see some exciting inventions and discoveries. Astronomers and scientists will be thrilled by a major discovery in the Milky Way that will revolutionize our perception of the universe. However, we will not be spared by major natural catastrophes that have characterized other Dragon years. Some parts of the world will be devastated by major earthquakes, extreme flooding and volcanic eruptions.

On a more positive note, the Year of the Water Dragon will augur well for creative expression. In the arts, the fields of music, fashion, and film will lead in the production of ground-breaking and cutting edge works that will leave a mark in the arts scene.

In general, the Year of the Dragon will be an exciting year, particularly during the second quarter of the year. It will be off to a rough and stormy start during its first month, revving up for a fast-paced and memorable year. Under the influence of the Dragon, 2012 will be a yang year. Yang water is flowing rather than stagnant, so expect our lives to flow with the energy of the Dragon. Ideas will abound, creativity flourish, economies grow and communities celebrate. So hang on to your dreams. This year might yet give you the opportunity to see them come true.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a great year for Daenyrs Targaryen, Lisbeth Salander and Kilgharrah...

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I so need this year to be good. I´m a fire Dragon. this is our year. we will rock!!!