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The Oscar noms...well no personal nominations for anyone I REALLY like (read: McAvoy, Fassbender, Sheen, Bean, Firth, Blunt, Paltrow) so that puts a bit of a dent on the Red Carpet excitement for this year. Everyone seems to be up in arms because Leo wasn't nominated. As far as I'm concerned, the poor guy never wins even though he is a great actor. Based on the buzz going around he wouldn't have won this year anyway so I'd rather he DIDN'T get nominated again until he legitimately stands a chance of winning. Too disappointing seeing him lose again and again. Pretty happy to see Gary Oldman nominated...he is a great actor and shockingly has NEVER been nominated till now. Well I assume The Actor or The Help will win just about everything. For what it is worth, I liked Hugo and it honestly deserved all the nominations it received...what a classic and classy movie.

Speaking of movies, and with the building-imposed blackout from 10-2 basically pushing me out the door, I decided to go to a matinee and watched A Dangerous Method. Interesting movie...I never really knew the history of the relationship between Jung and Freud. Freud was a bit of a jerk...just sayin'. And maybe it was me just obsessing over the wrong things but did Carl Jung have some affinity with food that I don't know about?? I really know so little about any history after the death of Michelangelo. This movie was so out of my element - period wise. I did enjoy the statues of Marie Theresa and the beautiful scenery of Austria and Germany. It had the same effect as it did in The Sound of Music - you remember the setting almost as much as you do the story. Keira Knightley was a bit off putting -  her "Jewish/Russian" accent was distracting and she was just plain awful in the first half of the movie (she doesn't do 'crazy' well). She was far better in the second half though. I normally like Keira but she just didn't seem right in this role Viggo was great...actually creepy great. I completely bought him as Freud. And well, Michael. Yep. Suffice to say the movie made me want to read more about Carl Jung and avoid all things Freudian.
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