Merlin 4.3 - The Wicked Day

After what seemed like an eon but was really only three days I finally was able to watch this week's episode of Merlin.  Random thoughts ahead...

So Arthur is finally King. Huzzah and all that jazz. I'll miss Uther...he was a really great awful king, if that makes any sense. I enjoyed seeing what bonehead idiotic decree he'd make each week. Ah well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in that family. If Arthur manages to stay awake through an entire episode I'm certain he'll find a way to botch things up as well.

OK that whole spinning wheel Arthur knife throwing scene was a like a bad dream sequence I once had...(and on that note, remind me no Kombucha before bed). For the record, there is NO way Camelot/Uther would sanction a  knife thrower to utilize their crown Prince as a target. Just sayin'

Is Morgana going through her Bellatrix Lestrange phase with hair and wardrobe?? I can't say as it's bad but it just is a bit much.

WTF Gaius? Please explain why Gaius did NOT tell Arthur about the necklace? Let's take the whole 'magic is evil' element out of the picture and look at it purely from Arthur perspective. Gaius should have told Arthur the truth just to alleviate Arthur's own guilty feelings of blaming himself for his father's death. Not a good thing to have preoccupying the mind of the man who now rules your country.

3 episodes this season - 3 major deaths (two for certain and one that I'm still on the fence with). That best be it for a while although truthfully if you want to off Gwen be my guest

Fav quote/scene: Arthur spends a night alone in state grieving for the loss of his father while Merlin waits patiently outside the locked/private chamber. The next morning...
Arthur: (opens doors, looks at Merlin) You've been here all night?
Merlin: I didn't want you to feel you were alone.

OK enough with the sappy OTP stuff...and on to the more fun bickering old couple quote which is my runner up fav of the week:
Arthur: You still have the mind of a child.
Merlin: and yet I'm still more intelligent than you.

Don't even get me started with the piggyback scene...*rolls eyes*

Did I mention I love this show???
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