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Remember that consumer's opinion group that I mentioned I was going to re: Rogers Cable? It turned out to be focused on Rogers magazines. Still I am great at giving my opinion *raises eyebrow* so it was an enjoyable venture. I did of course manage to find a way to put in a dig about their cable programming. Really HD Space and HD Gol TV...how difficult is that to obtain?? For how much I pay per month for cable I really can't see a legit reason why they aren't able to provide it. 

So Rafa in the finals of the Australian Open?? Hmmm I may actually need to wake up for that one on Sunday early AM. 

I finished the other two books in the Millenium trilogy. The final two books were a bit too lengthy - the author could have condensed them in places. He could have safely cut about 1/4-1/3 of each book and it wouldn't have had that much of an impact.  I loved, loved, loved the trial scenes in book three. It was pretty much what I was waiting for and very cathartic when it happened. It was a fist pump and scream 'yes' moment. As much as I like the author tying up all the loose ends, in both the first and the third novels the denouments were difficult to get through after the very thrilling climaxes. Nonetheless, overall the series was brilliant. I'm going to watch the movies next week just 'cause I need to relive the thrill of that trial again. Epic. I really don't know what to read right now...I'm afraid after the Millenium Trilogy I don't want anything too heavy or gripping so The Dovekeepers  and Divergent  are temporarily on hold. I just purchased a novel that sounded fab and is about Chez, Leo and Nico but I don't want to read Borgia fic until March (closer to The Borgias season 2 start date) so I'm trying to hold off on that one. I decided to read a YA book I purchased a  while ago called Need....something to do with pixies. quidquid...I expect I'll get through it quickly.

At this point I would like to lodge a formal complaint...why is there no new episode of Person of Interest tonight? Or Grimm tomorrow night? Instead we are stuck with what seems like the never ending auditions for American Idol. Newsflash...I watch Idol but I could care less until they get to the stage when the arrive at the Top Twelve (or thirteen or whatever it is...). They could/should condense the 'auditions' into one week - and air either two or three 2-hour episodes followed the next week by two 2-hr episodes that focus on 'Hollywood week'. By the third week, the season officially commences. That's all you need. These prelims are such a waste of time.
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So admirable you read so much that I think you should start a separate blog on books your read... where readers can get a update or review...

Just a thought :)

Bummer everything was a reruns this week...
Oh gosh I'd be a terrible reader review blogger...I focus on such weird stuff in books and really am not good at book reviews. All I'd pretty much say is: I loved it, I liked it, it sucked, the plot was predictable, the plot was not credible or I LOVED xxx character.

I hate reruns...remember when we were young? The new seasons all started in September and the shows all ran straight through pretty much without any reruns until the spring and then they reran the entire season. It was so much better then than now when you are trying to keep track of what comes back on when.