Merlin - Season 3, Episode 4 - Aithusa

Oh yay! Druids and dragons...what a great mix. More commentary below...

Overall a pretty decent episode, not my fave or anything but it was nice that it was truly Merlin-centric for a change. They tend to focus a lot on the other characters and use Merlin as the peripheral but this one was all Merlin. Kind of odd that they went straight from the death of Uther Pendragon to this episode without any mention of Uther's death, the transition for Arthur as king or hinting if there was any lapse in time (e.g. it's been two months since Uther's death...) Maybe this episode was out of sequence. Not that it really mattered in the scope of things. It was still good to see a relatively 'light' episode after those past three dark episodes.

Pretty sure the writer of this episode had watched one too many Indiana Jones movies...the booby traps to get to the dragon's egg were all too similar to those you'd see in an Indy flick.

Love the baby white dragon Aithusa (aka light of the sun)...soo cute. Made me want to watch the season finale of GoT again. Baby dragons may just be the in pets for 2012.

Comedy I enjoyed: Merlin and the woodworm scenes (What on Earth are you doing? Looking for woodworms. Before breafast? That’s when the worms are the most active....EPIC LOL!!)

Comedy I rolled my eyes over: Did you really need to have that whole Merlin/Arthur's pants scene? Lame and excessive...(but I did like their girly fight...even though I would NEVER believe a servant would dare to wrestle with the King in the middle of a Council meeting)

Comedy I rolled my eyes over Part II: the knights being used for comedic relief...STOP IT please...I really don't want them to lose their credibility as knights (even if this is Merlin and the bar isn't exactly that high, if you know what I mean)

Best Quote: Only when the way ahead seems impossible, will you have found it.

Disturbing Quote: The white dragon bodes well for Albion. For you and Arthur. And for the land you will build together. (It is a fantastic foreshadow quote but it makes Arthur and Merlin sound as though they are married...oh wait...*nods*)
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