SAG Awards Red Carpet...

Due to the terrible timing of the SAG Awards (they coincide with Once Upon a Time and Lost Girl). I'm going to have to timeshift DVR the award show itself and watch that tomorrow. But I can report that I was able to watch the Red Carpet.

The big winner was Emily Blunt who wore the most gorgeous emerald green dress. Everyone else wore boring black, subdued greys and neutrals or the standard reds. She stood out of for a mile and looked great in the process..

Sadly, on the other end of the spectrum were two actresses from my fav shows, Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory)  and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). While I can forgive Kaley just cause she actually wore a little colour, I can't forgive Emilia for this monstrosity...

There are people who just raved about it and loved it but, really, I thought it was horrid.

As for the best dressed man, redeeming A Game of Thrones is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Gosh he really looked great. Dear HBO: Jaime Lannister needs stubble...it is known.
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My beef with Red carpet over the years is with all their fame and money (the women) would dress better.... or is it just eccentric of them ?????
I honestly think they get paid to wear some of things they do. It is a promotion for that designer.