And the Borgias...

While HBO was hyping season two of ASOIAF, Showtime was preening with not one but TWO new promos for The Borgias...granted one is a little similar to an earlier promo...nonetheless, here are both...

And number two...

So from these previews I'm guessing we are going to get more of Juan vs Chez...*enormous smile* Here is the heart of the excitement of the Borgias for me...please run with their sibling rivalry because it truly is one of history's finest. Rumours abound that they may actually pursue the Cat/Chez storyline (aka the source of all my naughty fantasies). After all, Cat will be Chez's 'captive' *eyebrow raise* You do the math...the sex practically writes itself in this case. Rumours also abound that it may be Cat/Juan rather than Chat/Chez...hmmm. And no Sancia/Juan/Chez three way (triangle, that is,....not 'three way'...shame though cause that would have been SO MUCH BETTER) for at least another season. Not enough Gioffre. I always liked the little guy. Am I to take it that Giulia is now going to Vanozza for advice 'cause really that is something I'd love to see/ hear. Come to think of it, I think Vanozza would have been a great mentor mother-in-law for me! Just make sure you include Leo in this season...I see Savonarola *the bastard* is back, much to my dismay. Can we just move along and get to Crezia's husband #2, Alfonso, and bypass this whole Paulo stuff? Frankly I prefer Crezia with Chez in any case. Still getting used to those season two perms, works for Juan...not so much for Chez. Then again Chez/Francois can never really look bad.

Further, *cough* *ahem* *cough* in no way is that mask any precursor or indication of the syphilis onset...mark my words, in the  Showtime history books, as opposed to real Borgia history, it will be more like 'Syphilis, what syphilis, who had syphilis? No...really? Can you prove it happened? *disappointed looks all around* OK well umm we can just skip that part..." Worst case scenario Chez will be tossed into some uber-sexy Phantom of the Opera like-gear by the time we do hit the fourth season....
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ooh I haven´t seen the first one!!
well well, so they are setting the stage for Juan´s murder, that´s good.
really liked it!
I can't believe I'm going to say this but I hope Juan survives for at least another season. I like watching the Juan vs Chez storyline...very compelling.