And the new #15 is...

A little shout out to Feliciano Lopez. He has now reached a career high #15 ranking in the ATP. Hmmm, didn't think he had it in him but nonetheless I'm proud of him for it. It would be pretty big leap to get to the top 10 but definitely #13 and even #12 seem like reasonable goals. Congratulations and bravo Feli!!
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\o/ Feli....I hope he stays there...when he wants to he can play really well.
Maybe it's his version of mid-life crisis. He is actually buckling down and doing his job!! Or maybe all the side diversions are out of his life for a while and he can concentrate on tennis. Who knows? I do hope that he is able to maintain this at least until clay court season. He is the only Spaniard I know who prefers hard court to clay...LOL