I am barely on Twitter these days but there are a few celebrities that I absolutely love following. They are really normal, mildly entertaining and don't post about too many crazy or pretentious things...just the everyday weirdness, or boredom, of their lives. To be truthful, in all three cases, these are actors I really wasn't that interested in, or cared about, UNTIL I started to follow them on Twitter. Now I can't help but love and support them...
  • Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) In case you don't know who he is, he played King Arthur on the short-lived Camelot series, is in the Twilight movies as one of the Volturi and has signed on to play  the lead role of Jace in The Mortal Instruments. He is just so ridiculously funny and snarky without trying to be. Come to think of it, his posts are very Jace-like which is all the more reason why I am happy he got the part in TMI. Jamie comes across like the rowdy, fun guy in your group who is not afraid of saying or doing anything - stupid or not -  and always gets into trouble as a result. Yet he has so much charisma and a heart of gold so everyone pretty much forgives him for all his flaws and loves having him around to make their days livelier and cheerier.
  • Eugene Simon (@Eugene_Simon) who plays Lancel Lannister in GoT and Jerome in House of Anubis. What I love about his posts is he really comes across like a typical British teen....kind of like someone I would have liked to hang out with when I myself was that age.
  • David Oakes (@David_Oakes) who plays Juan Borgia on The Borgias. I started to follow David because one day he actually tweeted on behalf of Francois/Chez (what? I have always been on a first name basis with him!!) who, at the time, did not have a Twitter (I believe Francois is still not on Twitter, meh)....Anyhow, since then I've realized how incredibly intelligent (serious book smarts!!), witty and charming David is. He is the kind of guy you wished you had as a BF or, a BFF, for that matter. Does cool things, has cool friends, seems relatively sane and well behaved, is really into theatre and music (yes, the thought has already crossed my mind...) All round great guy.
I guess that is my version of "Follow Friday"...LOL. For what it's worth, I just started to follow Carice van Houten (@caricevhouten) (Melisandre/Game of Thrones) as I'm told she is also highly entertaining and does reply to her fans. We'll see how it goes.
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Great stuff! I love celebrities who behave like real people. That includes footballers, a few whom I follow on Twitter. Some of them are downright hilarious and make very entertaining tweets. :)

Lancel Lannister! Now he sounds interesting....

Not that the others aren't, but I am not that familiar with them. :)
I forgot to mention Finn Jones (@FinnJones) who plays Ser Loras on GoT and Eoin Macken (@eoinmacken) who plays Gwain on Merlin. Also a couple of favs of mine.

As for footballers I think my favs are Diego Forlan and Fernando Gago. I love when they multi-language tweet (Fernando tweets in English, Spanish & Italian). Do you have any football favs?
Finn Jones! He would be another good one! ;)

I'm following Gago, and he's a good tweeter! :) Also Forlan.

Some other football faves (not necessarily as players, but awesome tweeters) are: Sergio Ramos, Joseph Barton, Jack Wilshere, Santiago Trellez, and Jony Fabbro. Always interesting or amusing to read their stuff. ;)
Yes I follow Forlan and Ramos as well. Ramos is sometimes difficult to understand but Diego I have no problem with. I think I can understand South American Spanish better than Spain Spanish...I think the South American version has more Italian mixed in with it. Either way I don't speak Spanish but I get the basics of the language from my university Latin. See, dead languages do come in handy!!